Dead or Alive Dimensions For Nintendo 3DS

Dead or Alive Dimensions 3DS Game Box Cover Art

Region Release date
North America May 24, 2011
UK/Europe May 20, 2011
Japan May 19, 2011

Dead or Alive Dimensions is a fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS and the 15th game in the Dead or Alive series. The game was developed by Team Ninja, and released by Tecmo Koei. The game has 26 playable characters and its only digital download is available via eShop in Japan. Physical copies of the game are sold in the 3 regions – North America, Europe, and Japan.

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79 out of 100

Metacritic MetaScore

8 out of 10


Players can play the Story Mode of the game, Arcade, Survival, Free Play, or just train in the Training mode to perfect the character’s moves. The game also includes a Showcase and a 3D Photo Album. When you’re finished with the story mode of the game, you can head into an online battle over Wi-Fi, or play against a friend with a copy of the game.

List of playable characters in Dead or Alive Dimensions :

  • Alpha-152
  • Ayane
  • Bass Armstrong
  • Bayman
  • Brad Wong
  • Christie
  • Ein
  • Eliot
  • Gen Fu
  • Genra
  • Hayate
  • Helena Douglas
  • Hitomi
  • Jann Lee
  • Kasumi
  • Kasumi Alpha
  • Kokoro
  • Leifang
  • Leon
  • Lisa Hamilton
  • Raidou
  • Ryu Hayabusa
  • Shiden
  • Tengu
  • Tina Armstrong
  • Zack

Note : some characters from the list above requires unlocking.

Questions Answers
Wi-Fi Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Local Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Game Available at eShop Only in Japan

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