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  1. Diamond
    Hey guys flaming here, we all know ORAS is out right? Well for my brithday (Nov. 14) My mom got me the ORAS dual pack!

    Then just today I bought 3ds Super Smash Bros!

    I'm kinda on a gaming streak aren't I? Also, Tell me which starter you are going to pick in ORAS, I am picking Mudkip for OR and the grass type (forgot it's name) for AS. The reason is, so I can battle Team Magma/Aqua a lot easier.

    One thing I won't like, today is the 22nd and it arrives on the 28th :(

    I can't wait!


Recent Comments

  1. Derp
    You have smash now? Great!! We should battle sometime. I got AS yesterday and my starter is Treeko(that's the grass type starter). It sucks that you have to wait a little longer. I thought that ORAS would be released worldwide yesterday.
    1. Diamond
      Blogger's Response
      It is, but my mom picked the free shipping which is 5-6 business days