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3DS Re-installed

The tragicstroy involving 3 SDcards, a 3DS, and a person.

  1. PigMayor
    A while back, I had an SD card. An 8 Gigabyte SD card. I liked that card, it had my Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS on it. I had it on that instead of my 4GB SD card since it was filled up by Pokémon Y, but we'll get into that later. A few days (or weeks) ago, I had lost track of it somehow. I looked everywhere for it, and eventually gave up. Now it is around Christmas (a few days after to be exact), my uncle gave me a 16GB SD card. I really liked it, and decided for New Year's I would use it for a new start on my 3DS. Unfortunately, while downloading everything, it died. This (might have) created some "side effects". When I went back to my 4GB SD card, I was shocked to find everything being downloaded. I hadn't formatted it the SD card, so this was confusing. I was sad, because I was going to keep that card for my old save data, especially for Pokémon Y. But, I am supposed to be turning a New Leaf (not like Animal Crossing) so I will just start fresh.
    The End

Recent Comments

  1. KooleoKun
    sorry about the sd cards it's okay you will get better
  2. 5/5,
    that Stinks.
  3. Spinnerweb
    Sorry about the save data, but at least you didn't lose any of your games :)
  4. OopaMazo
    That's unfortunate. Did you lose any of your previously downloaded titles? :/
    1. PigMayor
      Blogger's Response
      Pretty sure I didn't, but I think I lost my Pokémon Y save data it doesn't support backups for some reason