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  1. rawrrie
    Gratz to moon rain \o/ I chose her song ^-^ ( I chose the same artist... that counts right? )

    A team by Ed Sheeran ^-^ I apologize for the shakiness, I was sick. >.</ But I couldn't just ignore the request for a week.

    For my next cover, I'll be doing something Zelda-themed. :)

    Oh yea, and next time I ask for requests, Can you guys make them be reasonable? I'm one person and I don't have fancy software to record with. So, songs with not a lot of bass/ background vocals would be sufficient :p

    Thanks for listening ^.^

Recent Comments

  1. PersonSP
    Sounds good, but after listening to a few of your songs I would like to give you a tip; put more power behind your voice. Don't be afraid to sing a bit louder (but never scream!) with a bit more energy from your lungs instead of drawing all the sound from your throat. You'll find it easier to hold a tone and it's actually better for you voice (you could even get a sore throat if you would sing with very low energy).
    1. rawrrie
      Blogger's Response
      This song is meant to be sung lightly, and I don't think I was lacking any power, >.<

      But, Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.
  2. Douse Shinundakara
    Douse Shinundakara
    Oh man, I recently learned to play this in guitar class so hearing your beautiful voice and piano playing makes me want to play it perfectly!
    Amazing job!
    1. rawrrie
      Blogger's Response
      Didn't play the piano xD but thanks! I'm glad you like it
  3. Marc
    1. rawrrie
  4. Larsi
    Really good! Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite singers. And something Zelda themed for the NeXT cover?! Can`t wait :D
    1. rawrrie
      Blogger's Response
      Hehe yup. I'm glad you like it :D
  5. Moon Rain
    Moon Rain
    Wonderful ^_^ and thanks for doing an Ed Sheeran song :D
    1. rawrrie
      Blogger's Response
      I'm happy you like it ^-^ And No problem :D