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Black Friday Deal Promotes The Underdogs?

Wario Land, Metroid, and M&L 30% Off

  1. Artisan
    So I got this notice on my 3DS (I love notices btw, it reminds me of quite a bit). It says Wonderful 101, M&L (Dream Team and Superstar Saga), Metroid (Other M and GB Return of Samus), as well as Wario Lands 2-4 (Wario Land 4 is on the Wii U VC). So I thought to myself, this is what Nintendo needs to help grow already existing and solid franchises. If they aren't making money off them they might as well have a sale off them since they are digital copies after all and they can be reproduced and distributed easier than store-bought pie. Wario Land 4 is a solid game that is similar to Metroid in a sense, yet comical with his own invincibility when receiving elemental torture. In fact there should be more Wario fans in general because he's so unloved yet full of personality only Nintendo could provide.

    And sure Mario and Luigi stuff is on sale for the kiddies and it also has some personality to a lesser extent, yet the graphics and memorable music as well as the so interesting RPG-Mario elements so I wouldn't call this a bad game either.

    And honestly we are so connected these days we need to savor some things for ourselves and have a fun time doing it. You don't need multiplayer to have a good time however it depends on your personality, like say if you like to express yourself amongst others anonymously which is both good and bad.

    Wario Land 4 and M&L SS are solid examples of games I was enjoying in my childhood back in the 2000s (and like pop culture and 90s cartoons, in my book they never go out of style). So if you haven't played them yet they are at least worth checking out on because they are on sale.