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Dom and Ari's Weird Adventure

A Story That Doesn't Make Sense by Glitchy

  1. Doctor Strange
    One day, Ari called Dom if he wanted to go out for milkshakes and Dom said, "Oh Heck Yeah!" When they met at Shake Shack, Ari had a vanilla milkshake while Dom had an ultra-milkshake with bananas, caramel, vanilla ice cream, and strawberries. After finishing their milkshakes and paying, Dom and Ari decided to go hanggliding. They did so for half an hour until BOOM! They got shot down.
    They land on a tropical island and try to find food. Eventually, Ari wears a coconut bra and grass skirt and Dom wears a skirt and a straw hat. They found food later abandoned by probably a plane cargo. Dom takes some and Ari takes some. Ari wanted some of Dom's food, so she ate Dom's Twinkee, squeezing the cream out of the cake, eventually eating it. Then she takes Dom's banana when he peeled it. Dom wanted revenge, so he ate Ari's melon and peach. Ari later fell in love later with a coconut, naming him Mr.Coconut and Dom also fell in love with a rock named Roxanne.
    A few days later, they built a boat out of the palm trees and sailed. They reached land which happened to be a desert like area. Thry walked on the sand for hours when eventually, an explosion appeared. Two people emerged. They were the same two people who shot them down. It was Nick Da Bad Guy and Hench-Back! They were bounty hunters looking for money, and Dom and Ari were worth 1,ooo dollars if they brought them alive. Dom and Ari ran and ran for thirty minutes until they reached a giant robot! It was the Giant Frank Mech! The pilots's names were all Frank. The robot will omly work if you are strong and your name is Frank. They got in the robot and lied to the CPU that their names were all Frank. They controlled the robot to squish Nick and Henchy and they died. They later gave the mech back to the Franks while they were playing football.
    3 hours later, they found an abadoned World War 2 ship and got on it. They put on the dusty uniforms and went sailing home. Two days later, Moby rubber duckk appeared! Moby swung his tail on the boat, causing Mr. Coconut to fall off and drown. Ari got mad and commanded Dom to fire the guns while she threw a harpoon in Moby rubber Duckk's eye. This made Moby more angry when suddenly, a spaceship came. It fired a laser that went through the whale's gead. It was Mike and Ben in the soaceship. Ben jumped out of the ship and flew around in his rainbow jetpack, throwing candy and balloons at Dom and Ari. Ben flew bavk in the spaceship and it flew away into space.
    Dom and Ari grabbed the balloons and floated away to their destination, they landed om Indonesia. They were in the jungle when BANG! Ari was dead. It was Hench-Back! He survived somehow and teleported there. Dom Tackled Henchy off the ledge and orcas ate them. Roxanne was the only one left. The End.:cat:

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  1. Ruby
    Hahaha! So funny
    1. Doctor Strange