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For legend of Zelda fans

Advice about Zelda games

  1. Largoe818
    I have never played a legend of Zelda game in my life but am into those kind of games.i was about buying one but not sure which one to get i just wanted some advice from some Zelda fans to help me make the right decision

Recent Comments

  1. blinboy
    I would recommend Ocarina if you have a 3DS XL. It's easier to break into compared to Majora's, especially for a new player.
    1. Largoe818
      Blogger's Response
      What about legend of Zelda a link to the past? I have enough points on my club Nintendo account but idk if I should waste my coins
  2. Viking
    I really do love A Link Between Worlds, and I have never liked a 2D Zelda game before. Twilight Princess could be a good start as well, but that's really expensive right now. OoT is good, but could feel a bit outdated if you have no nostalgic feelings for it, but I do believe the 3D remake should cover that, although I haven't played it myself.
    So, aLbW and OoT on 3DS and TP on Wii if you manage to find it.
  3. GerudoWarrior
    What platform do you want a LOZ game for?
    1. Largoe818
      Blogger's Response
      Well I have 3ds xl and a wii u