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GameStop makes me sad


  1. Nanamine
    I went to the midnight release of the New 3DS at my local GameStop. I went in to make sure that they'd have extra of what I want at around 10:00 PM. This is how the conversation went down.

    Me: Hey, I was wondering if you're going to have any extra of the special edition Zelda New 3DS at midnight for people without a pre-order?

    Employee: No.

    Me: Oh, how about the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS?

    Employee: Not if you don't have a pre-order, nope.

    Me: Well...will you have any of the regular New 3DS at midnight?

    Employee: We didn't get any of those in.

    Me: No way that's true, but aight. Do you have Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition?

    Employee: Nope.

    Me: Okay, how about the limited edition of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?

    Employee: No, only if you have a pre-order.

    Me (at this point I'm completely annoyed): Well can I go ahead and get the regular edition of either of those games at midnight?

    Employee: No, we didn't get many copies of Monster Hunter and what copies we got of Majora's Mask are for pre-orders. (He said this with a minimum of 30 copies of Majora's Mask behind him, btw)

    Me: Okay. I'll go in Target, Best Buy, and Toys R Us tomorrow and hope I get lucky. I have a pre-order for Ike, Sonic, and Mega Man amiibo. Do you have any of them in?

    Employee: Let me check if we have Ike. *Five minutes later* sorry, it appears we didn't anticipate the demand of the amiibo you ordered so we won't be getting any in for you. I'll refund you on your Power Up card.

    Me: I pre-ordered them with cash.

    Employee: Sorry, this is how it is.

    MANNNNN I'm irritated rn

Recent Comments

  1. Mudkip
  2. NekOShoT
    Wow I'm very sorry to hear that. I guess gamestops are completely arbitrary, because i asked my local gamestop if they were doing that midnight BS, but they weren't, i guess because they are in a mall on private property. its wierd that this particular mall has blue stop signs lol.
  3. numage
    Just ask "so what do you have?" next time. It is really annoying. Hope you can get those games soon.
  4. SmashChamp
    Same thing happened when I wanted that Lucario Amiibo the other day. Except without cash yet.
  5. 3dsatackman
    that is to bad i hope you will be able to get what you want sometime though
  6. Slowpoke
    Its even funnier of you have a small indepedent shop instad of gamestop XD
    They never have not popular stuff.............
  7. FirstSerpent
    *Cough* Atleastyouhavegamestopsnearby *Cough*
  8. Iridium Winter
    Iridium Winter
    The whole point of the limited edition New 3DS' was that you had to order them online. Sucks about the amiibo, though.
    1. Nanamine
      Blogger's Response
      You didn't have to order them online. They were supposed to get extra in - well, I'm not sure about "supposed" to, but they should have at least had the regular edition in - for people who didn't get the chance to pre-order. I did my research before leaving.

      Going to Target tomorrow though. They usually pull through. If not them I'm sure TRU will have something.
  9. Megalegacy98
    Dood I felt that way when I wanted an Marth amiibo DX