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Gaming Heroes Chapter 3: Kokri Forest Part 2

A dark spirit is said to be in Lost Woods.

  1. SmashChamp
    Everybody I was a little rushed last part so I hope this makes up for it.
    If you haven't read the intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and the first part read those now.

    Hope you enjoy!
    '' We must look for the Dark Links and the dark spirit. " Impa said. " I'll help you out, me, Link, and Mario will search for the Dark Links. You and Lana should try to find the dark spirits. " Saria said. " OK, we'll be off into Lost Woods. " Impa said running into the forest. " Hey, Wait up! " Lana said dashing into Lost Woods.

    With Link..........
    " A Dark Link should be around here. " Saria said. Then five Dark Links jumped up and fatal blowed a house knocking it down. Then Saria pulled out her Ocarina and started to play her song. The Dark Links fell on the ground. " Now get them. " Saria said putting back her Ocarina. Link fatal blowed a Dark Link destroying it and Mario burnt one with his fire ball. There were three other Dark Links, but they all got back up, then another Dark Link came.

    " Epona! " Saria said playing Epona's song. A few seconds later Epona came to Saria. " Let's go. " Saria said. Saria and Epona rode around the Dark Links and Saria tripped all of them and threw a Deku Nut witch exploded the Dark Links and Epona stopped. " Great, let's continue. " Saria said. Then a dark Mario jumped and pulled out a paint brush and started floating. " Now it's a Dark Mario. " Saria said pulling out a Deku Nut. So the Dark Mario continued to float up higher. " None of the Dark Links could do that! " Saria said looking up at the Mario. Then gunk was shot from the paint brush and it hit Saria. " Mumba Mia! " Mario said looking at Saria. Then the Mario kicked Mario knocking him over.

    Shadow Mario put his paint brush up and floated up to dodge Links sword slash. Then Link shot his hook shot and brought the Mario down to the ground. Then Link got his sword, but the Mario blew fire at Links hand making him drop his sword, then the Mario span knocking off paint revealing a small turtle like creature with a bid. " Alright fancy slasher think you can take me and my army down? " Then Saria got up and came to Link. " Alright, let's go siblings! " the turtle said as more turtle like creatures jumped from behind. " Larry, Morton, Wendy get Mario. Iggy, Roy, Lemmy get the girl. Ludwig! Me and you will take down fancy slasher. " " Ugh, come on Junior, we don't like following orders. " Ludwig said in an annoyed voice. " Fine, everyone do what you want. " Junior said pulling his paintbrush out. " If I go out and fight it will ruin my makeup. " Wendy said turning her head from them.

    " Ugh, troops get them! " Junior said. " Uh, there is no one to attack. " a Hammer bro said. " Oh, they escaped, well then King Bob-omb will deal a real number on the village. " Junior said with a childish evil laugh.

    With Impa........
    " Where is the evil spirit Impa? " Lana said pushing branches out of her way. " I don't know. " Impa said as they continued to search.

    An hour later.......
    " Finally see the orb. " Lana said pointing at a dark orb. " Well let's get it. " Impa said picking it up dashing out of Lost Woods.

    With Junior..........
    " Hehehe, King Bob-omb will destroy this village, Dad will be so proud. " Junior said with an evil smirk.

    Pretty intense, right?

    Well this is defiantly one of those longer chapters.

    Hey and if you're interested in songs here are musics for Saria's song, Epona's song, and Zelda's Lullaby.

    Also I didn't make up the fact that Junior can float, turn on your GameCube and play Mario Sunshine.

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    Did anyone read this?
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