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Hayate the Combat Butler Anime review

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  1. SaToRi
    I know this is a gaming site, but most gamers love Anime, and I just finished writing up a Review for one of my favorite Anime of all times. A lot of people might not be interested, but for those who are, it's worth a read, and thanks for reading if you do.


    Genre: Comedy: Romance, Parody, Harem
    Status: Ongoing
    Release Date: April 1st, 2007
    Anime Studio: JC Staff

    Grab your popcorn, and some drinks, and if you're old enough maybe even some Beers because this is one of the funniest Anime of all time.

    Synposis: Hayate the Combat Butler is about a poor unlucky teenage boy(Hayate) who can't catch a break! After his parents sold him to the Yakuza because they ended up in so much Gambling debt, Since Hayate had to work since he was a mere child..He's pretty inhuman and can do stuff a normal teenage boy couldn't do. He's managed to get himself caught up with one of the most self centered, and what seems to be a typical Tsundere loli(Nagi Sanzenin) is the name, and you best remember it, or she'll...or...or she'll...well, you'll see what she'll do to people who doesn't do what she says.
    Hayate will end up working as a Butler to the Rich and spoiled Brat "Nagi Sanzenin" until he pays of his parents death. The thing is...If you want to be a Butler for the Sanzenin family, you'll have to be strong, and protect the mistress at all times. Even in the brink of danger and death.
    Hayate will have his work cut out for him becoming a butler for the Sanzenin family, but he has no other choice, he must repay his debt.

    Summary The Anime keeps gets you laughing from scene one episode one, and will have you laughing almost every 2-3 mins till the end of the season. Not only do they do Parodies from other Anime that you've come to know and love. Hayate also has it's own unique story, and sort of comedy that you'll come to love. The cast of characters is insane, but since it's a Harem, most of the cast will be females, but this isn't really a Harem, because only around 3 characters really do like Hayate, and the rest are just there for the comedy, and to move a long the Plot.
    You'll meet rich girls, poor girls, perfect girls, and some cookoo girls, but all are really nice people once you get to know them. There's a lot of randomness in Hayate, but it doesn't go away from the plot. The fighting is both serious and non serious at the same time which makes it great for an Anime like this, so dont worry about that aspect of the series.
    Hayate will have to Protect, and try to help out most of these girls just because they are friends with Nagi Sanzenin. It doesn't really matter though, being the guy he is. Hayate would help them out anyways.

    Main characters

    Ayasake Hayate: (Shiraishi, Ryoko)
    Hayate is your typical nice guy main character, who will go out his way to try to help anyone out whom seems to be in trouble. He may be clueless at times, but he will eventually figure things out, and save the day. He's has a good sense of humor, and great enthusiasm for his job. Gets himself pumped up when he has to help out the mistress.

    Nagi Sanzenin(Kugimiya, Rie)
    You may think she's a typical spoiled brat because she's used to get everything she wants, but deep down inside..She's a nice girl and has a heart of gold. Is pretty Tsundere too, who doesn't like Tsundere, I know I do!

    Maria(Tanaka Rie)
    Maria is a maid already working for the Sanzenin family when Hayate meets her. She has a great personality, and kinda acts like Nagi's Mom because Nagi's Parents are never around, and she Knows Nagi needs someone to know right from wrong etc. Maria also has a good sense of humour, and likes to play jokes on Hayate at times. Though sometimes she can see how Nagi mistreats Hayate, and she helps give him words of encouragement to help pump up Hayate.

    Katsura Hinagiku: (Itou, Shizuka)
    What can I say about her? Perfect girl. Gets good grades, Is smart. Hinagiku acts like someone 5 - 10 years older than she really is. She can cook, and she tries to help people out too. She's one of the main girls who might be in the Love Triangle for Hayate's heart, but she sure doesn't make it show.

    My thoughts: I really like this Anime. It has everything you'd want. Fighting, Romance, Morals, Ecchi, and absurd Humor. The music is great int he series, and some even gives you the feels. You'll be able to relate to more than one of these characters, I can promise you that much, and there is a character for everyone. I dont think there's characters anyone can hate but Hayate's parents, but if it wasn't for his parents we wouldn't get an awesome Anime like this lol.
    There's a lot of elements to the story, and it'll keep you laughing for sure. You'll feel like your on one big adventure when you start seeing the characters develop, and you'll be begging for more after every season.

    Art: 7/10
    Animation: 7/10
    Comedy: 9/10
    Story: 6/10
    Music: 8/10
    Rewatchability: 7/10

    Overall Score: 8/10