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HEAVY OBJECTS light novel review

japnese light novel about war and giant robots

  1. Earth2543
    hi guys im taking break from translating book to review a book called HEAVY OBJECT instead.

    as the title say this book are called "heavy object"
    the story position in the not-too-far off future
    where a war break out all over the world the nu clear era has came to an end by an apperance of a new battle machine called "the object" a 50 meter gigantic robot with deadly cannons and can withstand a direct hit from a nu clear war head.

    the story center around a battle field studen name Quencer Barbotage he is a normal battle engineer that specialize in explosive the story start whenb his base's object got destroyed and the object's pilot called "elite" make and emergency eacape and drop somwhere in a snowy battlefield while his commander decide to flee from the opponent's object he decide to break the command and go help the pilot instead and that is where its all begun.

    if you interest you can the english translation for FREE here:

    let me know if you like it and thank for reading this review its my first one :D

Recent Comments

  1. Robbie
    Nice, thanks btw! Also you left some space between nuclear in the 2 paragraph.
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      mah grammar so bad i didn't need a proof reader i know there gotta be a lot of typos in mah work XP

      and hope you like it btw
  2. Derplink_:3
    That's a great manga is it? It sounds like a great story :D
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      a novel thee is a manga too but i revommend novel