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I'm sorry if I'm acting weird

I feel horrible guys

  1. Bubblebuddy77
    Hi guys, I just had two teeth removed and I have this horrible taste in my mouth from the injections. Other than that I feel fine, but I just wanted to make this small blog post because 1. I wanted to inform you guys and 2. Many people don't normally read my posts .-. But it's cool so I just wanted to say how I feel like crap because of this flavored gum relaxer. So yeah thanks for reading, I'll probably try to talk on the group chat like I've been doing but being ignored is cool and all, I mean tasting this blood is worse heh. Anyways thanks for reading and I'll talk to you guys later.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    Hope your okay. Wanna play smash again somethime?
    1. Bubblebuddy77
      Blogger's Response
      Of course maybe sometime over the weekend
  2. Rin
    I don't intentionally ignore you, or anyone else, unless they're a troll and/or on ignore (only 2 people are on ignore list and one is inactive), and you aren't. It's just kinda hard to be involved in 4 different convos or more at the same time so I don't always have the chance to reply.
    1. Bubblebuddy77
      Blogger's Response
      I didn't mean you I just for instance talk to someone and answer their question and when I go for a second their message is gone so I couldn't reply to them and they ignore me next time so I feel bad cuz I didn't mean to ditch em DX