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Kid Icarus Uprising Review

My review for Kid Icarus Uprising.

  1. SmashChamp
    My review for Kid Icarus Uprising.

    Kid Icarus was a series that was long forgotten till this game.

    Kid Icarus had hard to get used to controls as for L is attack. Yet once you get used to them it can be quite fun. It also mentioned different games and even an online wiki, Divinipedia. The graphics were good, and had great songs, my favorites being Wrath of the Reset Bomb, Dark Pit's Theme, and Inside the Space Pirate Ship or something like that. It also had good menus and tons of different weapons. Also...... Pit and Dark Pit's...... PRE BATTLE CRY!

    Now, number review.....
    Game play: 90
    Audio: 100
    Graphics: 80
    Menus: 100
    Total Score: 87

Recent Comments

  1. RichGamerton
    Pretty good, but I think there are more aspects of the game that can be talked about.
  2. Slowpoke
    This game is really evil tho
    It broke my L button!D:
  3. Megalegacy98
    Good review, a bit short tho