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Kirby's Triple Deluxe Post Play Review

i just beat the game

  1. N
    I just beat kirbys triple deluxe!! So I guess this calls for some small thoughts and a little review. So first off I really enjoyed playing the game because the levels where fun and I like how the game keeps you aware of both things in front on kirby and also things in the background trying to hit you. I also enjoyed fighting large characters using hypernova kirby. I feel like this game was just amazing overall despite how short the story is. But that doesn't matter I got to play a great game and now I unlocked the arena so that'll also be there to kill my time xD. Overall I love this game I would rate it 8 out of 10 for being fun and using great 3d technology. And also I'm a big kirby fan :3

Recent Comments

  1. Zeyahman
    i did to beat the game and i been collecting key chains i have like 200 or something and i unlocked the arena and the true arena and i have the best time on the arena is: 8 min and 25 sec.
  2. SunnyWindy
    Did you try the mini games such as DDD and Fighters? I had much fun with these!
    1. N
      Blogger's Response
      The mini games are fun too ^_^. I love the arena a lot and I'm also enjoying DDD tour. It's fun playing the game as DDD