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Mario Kart Wii R-view

Review #1 of my series of game reviews

  1. T-Player Guy
    Mario's sixth time on the wheel was released on 2008 for the Wii,but did it managed to win a perfect lap,or was the it aimed for the bottom place?

    Mario Kart Wii is the 6th game in the Mario Kart franchise,and it's the 4th game to be on a home console game(Previous instalments on SNES,N64 and GC),and it's the first game on the series to use Motion Controls.The game comes with an accessory called the Wii Wheel,which it's suppose to make you feel like you're actually driving.I used this type of control during playthrough.It took me a while to get used to them,though.

    Now let's look into the actual game itself:
    There are 26 characters to play as,including old and new characters,like Rosalina and even your Miis,there are 32 tracks in total,with half of them being new,and the other half being other tracks from previous Mario Kart games,there are 6 cars and 6 bikes for each character,depending if they're light,medium or heavy,and there are 4 modes,which are Grand Prix,Time Trial,VS and Battle.Grand Prix is a mode where you race your way through 4 of the game's 32 tracks,and there are eight of them in total.It's in this mode where you'll soon have acess to all of the tracks in the game.
    Time Trial haves you trying to have the fastest time record on each course,and beat some records,if you have some online records to beat.
    VS is basically where you can race(In solo or in team matches)through any course and have a normal match.
    Battle consists of putting players into a giant arena where you need to attack other player's balloons,or collect the highest amount of coins.You can also play this in solo or in teams.
    These modes are very fun,but unfortunely,they're often ruined by the unballeciment of the game,in both AI and item frequency.
    When you're playing with the AI,they're just so unfair at times that I decided to change to another game because of it,from unnomerous rages,and I wish you all good luck if you still didn't played 150cc or Mirror on a Grand Prix.Another thing I mentioned was the items,and they're also unballeced as well,and a perfect example of that,is the ever infamous blue shell.I can't tell you how many times I needed to stand this item,and I remember getting one to use at 3rd place,and one time where TWO blue shells came after me,and then one red shell came afterwards.It also doesn't help that this item is overpowered in this game.
    Although there's a big miss of ballencing the programming of the AI and the items,it doesn't mean that the game is bad.In fact,it's far from being what many would consider as the worst MK out there.
    There's also an online and multiplayer mode,and since I never got to play worldwide,I can' really say too much.Multiplayer is as chaotic and fun as it always was,in either races or battles.(Advice:be careful to not have friendships ruined because of the over appearance of blue shells and the troublesome Rainbow Road.You have been warned)
    New features in this game,aside from new vehicles,characters,tracks and online,is that there are 12 characters at the same track,instead of 8,making things more chaotic,and the inclusion of motorcycles.They're fun to use,and they have more precise turns than cars,so they're great for competitive play.
    Last thing I want to talk about are the tracks.As I said earlier,there 16 new ones,and 16 old ones,making a total of 32 tracks to race on.Some of them are great,like Toad's Factory and DK's Snowboard Crossing,but some of them could have received a little more effort,like Wario's Gold Mine and most of the retro tracks,and an example of that,Ghost Valley 2,didn't look that it aged well,and that happens with the majority of the old tracks,but it was still a good selection of tracks from previous instalments.

    Even with a certain unballeciment with the AI and items,and some tracks that could have been better,Mario Kart Wii is still a great game,and it's perfect if you're looking for chaotic,yet fun multiplayer.The only people I would not recommend this game to are competitive players,since I already mentioned a certain broken balance with some of it's programming.Overall,MKWii is a great choice to have on your game shelf.

    Good! :thumbsup: