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Meet The Pedians Pt2

Our fellow Pedians have their own challenges.

  1. Artisan
    Meet The Pedians Part 2

    Special Trait:
    N is well known for his high metabolism. He wields the most generic sword ever.
    Special Trait:
    Vii owns an Iron Maiden suit that she bought at a slightly discounted price and it works exactly like you expect it would (*cough* actually she stole it *cough*).

    Dilawer: Do you really think that they are up to the challenge?

    Marc: To be honest with you no. I have no idea what they are capable of. So far everything looks like it will go as scheduled. I can’t wait to see what they are capable of.


    Marc: That’s the doorbell. Looks like they came here in record time.

    Dilawer: Yeah, approximately 3 hours isn’t what I would call a record.


    Marc: I’m coming I’m coming. Gets away from the keyboard.


    Marc: Who pushed the doorbell?

    Trainer Red: You could say we all did but to tell you the truth N is really fond of your doorbell ring.

    Marc: Come on in before you let all the cold air out. How on earth did you find this place?

    Vii: I used a mech we had in the cargo of the jet and surveyed the whole area. It’s not hard to find the richest man in town.

    N: We never knew you owned a villa Marc.

    Marc: Of course you never knew. I never tell anyone anything personal.

    Artisan: I take it eating a chocolate muffin isn’t anything personal.

    Marc: Who’s this? Points at Artisan

    Artisan: I’m your favorite Pedian, Artisan.

    Marc: I thought you looked familiar.

    Trainer Red: So what’s the game plan? Why are almost all of us here?

    Marc: Right, right. About that. Will you believe me when I tell you because it’s a very unbelievable thought?

    Artisan: I can believe anything Marc. Especially since you tried to kill us in that jet.

    Marc: About that. It was a test to see if you were worthy of this task. Betrayal gets you more points you know.

    N: Unless you are on the losing side.

    Dilawer: Yeah yeah cut to the chase Marc. This tiny place is past its maximum capacity.

    Marc: No it’s not, Dil. Exhausted Your plan is simple.

    Artisan: What’s the plan?

    Marc: The plan is to sacrifice Artisan to the demons.

    Artisan: I’m sorry what?

    N: Yeah! I’d love to do that!

    Marc: It was a joke.

    N: Aww…

    Dilawer smirks

    Marc: Our real plan is to collect 3 ancient relics so we can defeat the bringer of death on judgement day. According to my calendar that date is probably New Year’s day if historians are right.

    Trainer Red: So that means we have to split up. Artisan, you go with N. I’ll go with Vii. Mikaya can go with Marc and Dilawer can defend the fort.

    Marc: Who put you in charge, sir?

    Trainer Red: My name is Trainer Red. I was given that name for a reason. Now I suggest you can put me in charge or else you’re plan won’t go very nicely.

    Marc: Very well. You heard the man.

    Trainer Red: It’s Red sir.

    Marc: You heard Red. Artisan and N are going to go to Alabama. There is a shovel there that goes to the winner of a hot dog eating contest. Me and Mikaya are going to visit a museum to find an ancient helmet in London and don’t tell anyone we’ll take it but considering the circumstances I think it will be worth it. Red and Vii, you are going to Tibet to find an idol. You can’t miss it because it still glows through the snow. Nobody will bother you up there but the cold might get to you.

    Artisan: Sounds better than the first plan that’s for sure.

    N: But Marc, you crashed our jet and we don’t have enough money to travel to where you want us to go.

    Marc: There’s a teleporter in my closet.

    Dilawer: Who keeps a teleporter in their closet? Why not in a basement?

    Marc: Because I don’t have a basement Dilawer. You know that. Oh and I almost forgot… The closet teleporter only teleports you to other closets.

    Dilawer: Talk about creepy.

    Marc: That’s enough out of you. You’re almost giving me a breakdown.

    Artisan: But Marc you look healthy as ever to me.

    Marc: Just get to your mission and I’ll be fine.

    In Alabama

    Artisan: Wow that was a close one.

    N: That lady looked really PO’d.

    Artisan: At least we didn’t see the worst of it. Also why can’t Marc just move his teleporter so we don’t have to see this stuff. I mean It would’ve been okay if the teleporter was in the kitchen. I get teleporters save time and a lot of boring writing but it’s not funny when something like that happens.

    N: Why can’t this just be a gaming tournament or something?

    Artisan: When’s the first time you ever heard you could win an ancient relic for playing in a video game tournament N. That’s sounding too farfetched. Besides, you’re better at eating with that big mouth of yours.

    N: I’m not sure if I’m being insulted or if that was a compliment.

    Artisan: Just take it as a friendly joke. I’m terrible at eating.

    N: But we’d see more people we’d recognize like say maybe Gecko, MMMs, or Light.

    Artisan: Didn’t Marc ban Light for something?

    N: Yeah but I don’t remember what it was he was banned for. That doesn’t mean we can’t see him in person though.

    Artisan: Of course we can see him in person but here’s the thing. Marc never publicly shames people but he just silently bans them. I guess like attracts like but I always want to know these things. I’ve only seen Reece’s face once and it was her avatar but she changed it later on and later she got banned. Maybe she was too flirty. I still wouldn’t even recognize her in a crowd.

    N: Keep your mind off those things Artisan. It will only trouble you.

    And so the hot dog eating contest commenced. N of course won the shovel because how else will the plot resolve. His superpower was his fast metabolism and I guess it counts for something. He really shovelled it in. Sorry I couldn’t help it. Artisan only made it to Round 2 and even then he gagged. Artisan had a really bad day.

    Meanwhile in London. Marc and Mikaya come out of a phone booth.

    Mikaya: So the plan is you steal the helmet and I hold them off?

    Marc: That’s precisely my plan. I could also use your powers too if I wanted to but I don’t think we’ll need it.

    Mikaya: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Marc: All it takes is a kiss.

    Mikaya: You gotta’ be kidding me.

    Marc: No, actually I’m not.

    Mikaya: I’m married.

    Marc: I know but a kiss doesn’t count at cheating.

    Mikaya: Kisses Marc. There. Happy?

    Marc: Happy enough to want to survive.

    Mikaya: Good. At least someone is happy.

    Marc: There it is. Shatters the glass and takes the helmet.

    Guard: Hey! Stop right now in the name of the law.

    Mikaya: We have to get back to the phone booth.

    Marc: It only works one way.

    Mikaya: Now you’re telling me.

    Marc: It’s not like the technology has advanced that much yet.

    Marc and Mikaya push the guard away with jet streams of air. They then ran out and paid for an Uber driver to get them to the airport with their stash. Even though the driver didn’t know what was going on he helped them anyways because to him they seems like a young couple in love. They lost the police and the guard just in case you wondered.

    In the deepest mountains of Tibet, Vii and Red have their own struggles…

    Vii: I’m freezing and the idol is nowhere in sight. If only there was a heater in this super suit. The steel on this thing is soooo cold.

    Trainer Red: You’re not the only one. I may be a person with a fire in my soul but the cold has gotten to me too.

    Vii: At least you are adapted to the mountains. You stay there all day right?

    Trainer Red: Do I look white to you? I spend my time in the cities gosh darn it.

    Vii: In my defence I can hardly even tell because we’re in so much snow.

    A bird flies by. It appears to be wild.

    Vii: Red. You are an animal trainer right? Can you train this bird to find shiny things?

    Trainer Red: As a matter of fact I can. All long as I can make its call. Kaawww kaaaawww.

    The bird came to Red. Red trained it with the flashlight on his phone and spoke to it. The bird then flew over the idol.

    Vii: There it is. It’s up there.

    Trainer Red: Of course I can see it Vii you don’t have to bring it up. I can’t believe I didn’t look to see it up there.

    Vii: Now that we found it how do we get back to home base?

    Trainer Red: Your suit can fly right?

    Vii: It didn’t come from the Air and Space Museum for nothing. It even has a built in GPS.

    Do you know what will happen next?

Recent Comments

  1. MysticFantasy
    It's nice I'm just say series like these could attract attention and get people to know the pedians that are commonly around
    1. Artisan
      Blogger's Response
      Any similarities between the fanfic interpretation and real life is purely coincidental (besides me of course) and a few little things here or there. This is the closest you'll ever get to knowing them though without talking to them.