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Microsoft Windows - How to make your computer talk!

Yes, you saw the title. Talk.

  1. Megalegacy98
    That's right, if you have a Windows computer that runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8/8.1, then you can make your computer talk! It doesn't take any downloading or installing programs, it just requires Notepad (For XP: Start --> Run --> type in "notepad.exe") (For Windows Vista/7: Go to Start, type in the search field notepad and it should come up in the search results) (For Windows 8/8.1: Go to Start and press Crtl+S so the search bar comes up. Then type in Notepad and in the search results Notepad will come up).

    1. Open Notepad

    2. Copy and paste the following code:

    strText = inputbox("Magic Sam Speaks","Magic Sam")
    set objVoice = CreateObject ("SAPI.spVoice")
    ObjVoice.speak strText

    (You can change "Magic Sam Speaks" and "Magic Sam" into whatever you want, just don't delete the ")

    After you're done, go to "File" then "Save As". A dialogue will pop up. Name the file, but make sure to put ".vbs" after it or else it will not work. Save it somewhere you can find it. (F.Y.I. VBS is short for Visual Basic Script which is a simple programming language ;))

    When you open the script, a dialogue will come up with a bar for you to type in. Type in what you want the computer to say and if you have your volume on, it will say exactly what you just typed.

    Enjoy! :)

Recent Comments

  1. GamerGoldFish
    Bruh. Dis Cool! I wonder if smilies work... :sneaky:
    1. Megalegacy98
  2. ash280103
    this works!
  3. karlientjie
    Cool ths is one thing Iam going to try very soon
    1. Megalegacy98
  4. paceygym
    That's cool but you can also use google translate and press the microphone thing
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Huh. Didn't know. Thanks!
  5. Derp
    Wow I can't wait to try this on my Windows XP!! Great guide!!
    1. Megalegacy98
  6. PigMayor
    Great guide! This is interesting I might try it soon.
    1. Megalegacy98