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Crazy Love

  1. jams3223
    Crazy Love

    It's a thing you never thought, who happen in a good day
    something love can say thought in a good way

    a baby,a sweetie and a love too
    a word to describe that i love you
    just a little nickname, call her boo
    watch my eyes stick to yours too

    it might sound like a heart break
    there's nothing love won't take

    you're happy to the flower that they give you
    to all the merits she wanna kiss you
    when you're not here she always miss you

    a heart got no tweak
    she always feel weak

    like you're heart got no battery
    saying love can always last rarely
    there no person who can dare me
    a love to less long time to marry

    a beautiful thing
    a diamond ring
    it's painful
    it feels good
    happy you're mood
    you feel in the dark
    it can leave mark

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