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My Life in The Real World...

Online and all out

  1. WeeHee123.herb
    I have lived through many hard things in my life from friends to bullies, and happy to depressed´┐╝:cry: I really couldn't take much in school expecially in 4th grade, every one hated me I had no friends and hid from every one...I really hated speaking to someone, and after school I'd stay in my room...and start crying, I had...issues with suicide, and talked with people. I decided it was a bad idea to kill myself when I realized people would be sad too, I decided to carry on with my life and go along with it and see how it turned out all the way through 5th grade. And I lived to tell the tale, so here I am with a lot of friends that have the same interests as me, and like me for who I am. Once I had got to middle school I actually had responses to haters that hated me, and bullies too. I was livin' the dream, when I found 3DS Pedia where I could make even more friends around the world, Where I found greater challenges on here than my friends. So bring it 3DS Pedia with every thing you got, Cause Felix Arnde is alive and Kickin'.

Recent Comments

  1. KEWYoda
    I can sorta relate. My best friend was going through a similar Situation and we all had to "help her" otherwise we would have lost her. My Friend would run away and once had issues with death. We had to watch her all the time because we were terrified at what could happened. She is fine now and sorted problems out. Your story was upsetting but it turned around and showed that we can cope at what life throws at us.
  2. SomePokemonGuy
    I had a similar experience. Just keep on livin' and find friends who will be life long and you'll be fine. *Thumbs Up*
  3. codyplays
    I can defiantly relate, I still don't have many freinds in real life and I to have had "some issues with suicide thoughts" but then I found this place and I enjoy it, so welcome!
  4. ToxicWolf1132
    I feel for you man, I've been dealing with depression and sucidal thoughts myself, but luckily I had some good friends who were there to help me
  5. Larsi
    A sad story With a happy ending :)
    1. WeeHee123.herb
      Blogger's Response
      I know, I forgot to put in that I moved after 5th grade
  6. Derplink_:3
    Well that sounds very depressing, but you know WeeHee life isn't on the internets. You gotta overcome that fear and use ur best tool, your personality :D talk about stuff that isn't about video games unless you found good friends who like to do. Also try finding your passion or your knack in life cause you will be thankful if u do ;)
    1. WeeHee123.herb
      Blogger's Response
      I did mine is love...
  7. TriforePit
    I'm sorry. If you ever feel like that again, or just simply want to talk about it, I want you to know that I'm here. :) I know this sounds kinda dumb, but I'll always be there for you.
    1. WeeHee123.herb
      Blogger's Response
      Wow you found this fast...How?