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my lols

my moments

  1. happyswagger
    This is a blog of some of my fails in life. ENJOY❤

    -once i was crossing a river barefoot and i almost drowned twice and i cut my heel
    -I almost fell into a toilet...
    -I fell into a burning fire pit
    -I cut myself with a pocket knife (accidentally)
    -I yolo several times when i probably shouldn't have
    -By the way i yelled yolo in my kitchen, started running, fell and hurt my butt, and ripped skin off my leg from hitting a doorframe while falling, all because of one stupid yolo...

Recent Comments

  1. Robbie
  2. paceygym
    Wow, that's all so crazy
  3. Rin
    Oh wow, I thought some of the things I've done before were stupid :o (no offense or anything)