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My Pokémon games collection

Ever wondered how many Pokémon games I had ?

  1. D4rkDragon
    Have you ever wondered how many Pokémon games I had, but felt too afraid to ask ? Well, time for the answer:

    Of course, some of the games went missing or got sold or somehow ended up in a random place called "Idontknowhereitis".

    So, here's a list:

    -Pokémon Silver (missing, should definitely look for it)
    -Pokémon LeafGreen (missing)
    -Pokémon Ruby (found it recently in the grass outside, cartridge is okay, built-in battery for real time events is dead)
    -Pokémon XD/Gale of Darkness
    -Pokémon Diamond
    -Pokémon Pearl
    -Pokémon SoulSilver (sold not too long ago after transfer to Pokémon Black)
    -Pokémon Black
    -Pokémon X
    -Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (Digital Download)

    And here's the picture (taken from 3DS, tablet's battery's dead for now, and I don't have a good phone to take pictures) :
    So, yep 6 games not lost in total (and I don't want to lose them, :panda:)
    And yes, I have played all the generations, including Red & Blue, but I'm not adding them to the list, as it wasn't my cartridge.

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    Dude, is that JAPANESE ON YOUR BEDSHEET? :o OMG I want that bedsheet <3

    I can see right from that that you have an awesome room. Much better than mine. That bedsheet is so cool. I want that bedsheet so much. ;_;

    Ahem. Your collection is really impressive too . A true Pokemon fan's collection :)
    1. D4rkDragon
      Blogger's Response
      Yes, I think it's Japanese, but I'm not really sure (due to absence of katakanas/hiraganas).

      And thanks for the compliment. I would have had more games if I hadn't lost them somewhere in my house, but basically, those are the games I got since my first console, the GameBoy Color.
  2. 3dsatackman
    cool :)