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My SSB-4-3ds Journal : 2014/10/31

Day 2 of my SSB-4-3DS Journal

  1. 3dsatackman
    My SSB-4-3ds Journal : 2014/10/31 : Today I have not done any online battles yet, but what I have done is a ton of training. I trained with: Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Link, and Robin. Then i did some "Smash Run" And got a few new things: 2 different speed blaster items (for samus),a lvl 4 power punch, and a lvl 2 power bomb item that is all for now but i may do some online battles in a bit.
    then i battled with mega legacy twice I lost both times and now i am battling both mega and hopefully artisan

    Oh and what do you guys think of the new pic do you like it more or less than the last one?

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    I'd say it's better than the previous one.
  2. Megalegacy98
    Hmmm I think this pic one's ok but the other one was funnier