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New Animation preview + things

Decided to show off a project while also saying some things.

  1. Aura_Knight394
    Hey, guys!

    So, some new things have happened that I'd like to discuss that I won't have enough room for on my Status updates. So, here we go!

    You may recall that I like to animate for fun from time to time. Such has happened, and I'm very happy to show off my progress on it so far.

    Please note, this is not the final project, but I tell ya, it'll look way better once it's done.

    So, now that that's done, I'd like to tell ya some things and give some info about what's been going on recently.

    So, I did get Pokemon Sun, got a Litten, named it Ifrit, took the ACT, turned 16, did my first blood donation, and all the fun business.

    The blood donating part wasn't too bad. I won't deny that it hurt, but I had some medical professionals that helped with things. The only thing that didn't go well was the immediate recovery. I was the last one to donate, and as such, they took down the refreshment area! I only got trail mix, but I'm okay. I eventually got cookies, and I've been downing a lot of fluids.

    I also found out I have PTSD, and because of the reason I got it, my driving expectations are going to feel more like a waking nightmare than a privilege. I see people smiling and laughing and being excited about me driving soon, but when that happens I feel nauseous and a little threatened about this thing, like my life is in peril and that I need to get out and away fast. It's been making things a lot more difficult than it probably should be, but it seems like nobody in my family is having or has had this problem, so I feel like I'm fighting a losing fight by myself. ;-;

    Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the animation! I plan on working Pokeumans more, but I've got some family over, and they don't know I write, nor would they care to, so I'll try to balance my time.

    See ya!~