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PDP Wired Fight pad review

The classic controller re-creation of our favorite controller

  1. paceygym
    Today I will be reviewing the PDP wired fight pad remote, I'll be spliting this into a few sections so enjoy!

    How it feels
    So the Gamecube controller always has felt right in my hands and this controller nails that category 5/5.
    It honestly feels like a (slightly) bigger gamecube controller with an extra z button.

    The buttons and Joysticks
    No one likes a controller with weird buttons and if you liked the gamecube controller you'll like this.
    I'm sure some people who liked the Gamecube controller will look at that c-stick and be like oh... (totally not me :whistle:)
    But the bigger c-stick doesn't really affect anything and makes it a little easier to use the automatic smash attacks, but it does take a little bit of getting used to.
    But the R button is like the Gamecube one!
    So for this category 4/5

    The default controls in Smash are not the best, if you don't change them then your "Z" button works like your "R" button and vice-versa.
    So do yourself a favor Gamecube people and make custom controls. You can use these controls by clicking the tiny notepad button looking thing under your character and choosing from the list.
    As for other games I've only tried sonic boom and it only made my experience worse....
    So for this I'll give a 4/5 only because of the customizable controls.
    So this controller is a great re-creation of the Gamecube controller and I'd recommend it to anyone who is waiting for the Gamecube adapter or if they've just givin up on searching for one.

    So I give this a 9/10 or if you're an /5 person a 4.5/5 ;)