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Pokemon alpha sapphire for help anyone need

This help a lot

  1. Sonic23111
    Pokemon alpha sapphire

    I have complete the game and carght all legendary now i been doing wonder trade starter pokemon fenkinn and i got lot of rare candy try it amzing breed pokemon hacth them and put same one in a box so when hacth put that pokemon in box so kwon what pokemon wonder trade 2 help to get rare candy to trade and done if this help my name is

    From sonic the hegohod

Recent Comments

  1. ultimategaurdian
    can i have your AS now if you are board of it now?
  2. Bink
    Sooo goood
  3. PigMayor
    Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

    I have completed the game and caught all the legendary Pokémon , now I've been Wonder Trading the starter Pokémon, Fennekin, and I got lot of rare candy. Try it, it's amazing. Breed Pokémon, hatch them, and put same one in a box so that when it hatches, put that Pokémon in the box so you know what Pokémon to Wonder Trade to help to get rare candy to trade and done. If this helps, my name is

    From Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is this what you meant to say? Sorry but this post has really bad grammar.
  4. Arshan
    So you wonder trade starters for pokemiles, and then spend the pokemiles on rare candies?
  5. SmashChamp
    ..... What did you say?
  6. Magik
    No offense, I can't understand you