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Pokemon X/Y Review

A review of Pokemon X/Y.

  1. jamesnail12
    First, the starters. The starters were surprisingly good, even by my standards. The first thing I noticed is that ALL the starters are 4x super effective against each other. Water/Dark is super effective against Fire/Psychic both ways, right? Same for Fire/Psychic against Grass/Fighting? And also the same for Grass/Fighting against Water/Dark? That just amazed me. The introduction of a Fire/Psychic type was also awesome, hence the last 3 generations had Fire/Fighting types as their final evolutions. And a Water/Dark type that isn't Sharpedo? Just awesome. The Grass/Fighting that isn't Breloom? Also awesome. This generation's starters are completely flawless.
    Starters rating - 5/5
    Next, the storyline. This storyline is truly one-of-a-kind, as there was no 2D in the game, the designers could get creative. The introduction of a doomsday weapon powered by your legendary is just awesome. I cannot find words for how awestruck I was when I found out that AZ was the king mentioned in the tales. Also, I was deeply disappointed that Lysandre was evil. The post-game wasn't so bad, either. Figuring out that saving Mimi uncovered the Essentia plot and the leftover Team Flame scientist really got my hopes up for the rest of the game. But then, nothing. No more storyline. Dead end. There needed to be a little more storyline.
    Storyline rating - 4/5
    Next, the legendaries. I have no words for the amazing legendaries that this generation has. A bird of destruction, a reindeer of life, and a snake of ecology. Never saw that coming. Especially the snake of ecology, Zygarde. But, Xerneas, the reindeer of life, was rather overpowered, considering that it was super effective against both of the other legendaries. Yveltal is superior to other Dark types in one way; it can take a lot of hits. Most Dark types are very fragile, but this one is pretty sturdy. Zygarde, being Dragon/Ground, is second to none of its typing. The only other one, Garchomp, can't take many hits, if any at all, so another of its type really helped out the Dragon type cause. My only complaint is about the lack of legendaries. How many new legendaries were introduced? 3. That's it. 3. Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. But, the legendaries that were introduced were of exceptional quality, so I supposed that made up for the lack of new ones. Other than that, flawless.
    Legendary rating - 5/5
    Next, the extra features. There are a lot of extra features, so this list might get rather long. The introduction of the Battle Chateau was interesting, and also a super fast way to earn BP. I never thought that they would add reverse typing matches, but they did, at Psychic Inver's house. Those battles are confusing, but absolutely amazing! Normal moves, super effective against Steel, Rock, Ghost, and more! It left me dumbfounded. The addition of the Pokemon Amie was also a good way to grow a bond with your Pokemon and play other minigames with them. The addition of the Super Training amazed me so much, I have never found EV training so fun and easy to do! Also, the addition of the PSS was exceptionally amazing, as well as the easy communicating with friends, and tag team battles, as well as triple battles! Also, Wonder Trade equally amazes me, not what you put in, but what comes out. If we would all just put good Pokemon into Wonder Trade, we would all get something good out. The addition of the Mega Evolutions was perhaps the largest change so far. I am thoroughly impressed with the megas, though you should be allowed to mega evolve more than 1 at a time during a match. And, we can't forget the friend safari. I have always been impressed with the friend safari, but the inability to use the Poke Radar inside makes me upset. No matter, as you can now catch all the starters!
    Overall, on the extras portion, speechless.
    Extra features rating - 5/5
    My final rating - 19/20 - Recommended Highly

Recent Comments

  1. monkeydood8
    With the introduction of Pokémon X and Y versions, the seventeen years of work that has gone into all of the Pokémon games seems to have finally reached what the creator, Junichi Masuda, has been working towards. Many of the new features make the game not only more functional, but in ways, more personal. The updated graphics are also nothing to scoff at. With the 3D effects and cell shading, it makes all the previous games seem primitive.
    In the past games, having a bond with your Pokémon was purely a mental thing. Sure, the more you walked around and battled with your Pokémon, the more it would “like” you, and the more powerful the attack Return would become. However, that was all there was to show for that bond. Now, with the feature of Pokémon Amie, you can build up enough of a “friendship” with your creature that they’ll dodge attacks, land more critical hits, cure themselves of status conditions, and even survive a lethal blow just because they love you that much.
    With the addition of over seventy new Pokémon, the pool of Pokémon to choose from while playing is vast to say the least. This, along with the new fairy typing, can make it very difficult to limit yourself to a team of just six. Though, this isn’t to say it’s a bad problem to have. In previous games, it was easy to fall into a rut of having certain Pokémon on your team every play through.
    The Super Training option has made training Pokémon for competitive battling easier. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of the effort values the Pokémon has gained. This about goes hand-in-hand with the Player Search System (PSS). The PSS helps keep track of friends, and allows easier access to battles. With these two options side by side, competitive battling is easier now more than ever.
    Another amazing feature is the customization option for your character. With hundreds of clothing options to choose from, and different hairstyles and color, it really does feel as though you are going on your own Pokémon adventure.
    However, while all of this is great, the main reasoning for giving the game a rating of 8/10 instead of a solid ten was due to how easy the game was. Arriving at the Elite Four, I found my full team of six to all be at level eighty. Poor Diantha didn’t stand a chance. This was more than likely due to the Exp. Share now sharing experience points with the whole team. While it’s a very convenient feature, it leaves the game almost too easy. After how difficult Black 2 and White 2 were, it feels like a step down. In White 2, the game hours spent to become the champion ranged from twenty to twenty-four hours, easily. Running through X version, it took maybe ten game hours to complete.
    Along with that, it was blatantly obvious who the main villain was. Though, in the first few hours of the fandom playing the game as a whole, there was the theory that Professor Sycamore and Diantha were Team Flare leaders. However, it was only that: a fun theory. Those two weren’t the ones preaching about a beautiful world –like Lysander. Nor were they the ones dressing fashionably. While that could be argued on Diantha’s part, Professor Sycamore is a complete fashion disaster, because those orange socks do not go with his mainly purple scheme in the least. The only surprise with Team Flare was the doomsday device, but that in itself brings up another problem.
    Lysander didn’t seem to have a clear reasoning for his anger. Sure, he preached and preached about a perfect world, but he never really seemed to give a clear reasoning as to why he wanted this. Every other team had a distinctive motive. Team Rocket wanted to make a fortune. Team Magma wanted to expand the land and Team Aqua wanted to expand the seas, each for their representing Pokémon. Team Galactic wanted to create a new universe to Cyrus’s ideal. Admittedly, Team Galactic had one of the most twisted goals since even though you were out to stop them Cyrus admitted that the player and Champion Cynthia fit his ideals, and would make it into his new universe. Team Plasma worked under the ruse that they were going to liberate all Pokémon from humans, while Ghetsis actually wanted world domination. Team Flare? Well, they just seemed to be a bunch of angry fashionistas.
    The game didn’t really have any difficulties to it. It was probably one of the most straightforward Pokémon games to be released. However, this is more than likely in light of the new graphics system. Hopefully, with whatever the Z version will be, this will be fixed. It would certainly be a shame to have all of the wonderful features mentioned prior, but not have a game that works with it.
    All in all, it was a very worthwhile game. Even with its lack of challenges, the game was fun, and worth the time and money. Seeing what has been presented to us in this game makes me even more excited for the next game. It’s a game that anyone with a 3DS would be crazy not to own
    1. jamesnail12
      Blogger's Response
      Holy crap, you spent a lot of time writing that response. Yeah, I can't argue with that. You're right.
  2. Robbie
    Really liked it! Though you forgot Diancie. And also I heard that the post game was short but after playing it myself, I got to know that its not. There's a ton of stuff to do as you said in extra features but you forgot the online experience, breeding,ev training and amie. Still, keep it up! Liked it :)
    1. jamesnail12
      Blogger's Response
      Yeah, left out Diancie and Hoopa, because they are event legends. I do not do event legends. And, online stuff isn't new. D/P/PT, HG/SS, BW/BW2, and now X/Y/OR/AS have online. The old DS games no longer have online, but still had it in the past. So, I only do relatively new concepts. And, yes, forgot Amie.
  3. MasterofBasics
    Glad you liked it!
    1. jamesnail12
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks, someone requested that I do this review. I did it just for them. Hope they see it.