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Quest for 3ds Chapter 1

Black Friday Deals and Updated Collection Stats!

  1. 3dsCollector
    Thanksgiving break was a wonderful time! For getting game, for reorganizing my collection, and for playing 3ds games! In November of 2017 I spent more time playing my 3ds then any other month, ever (reference: 3ds activity log). Sick Black Friday pickups were all over the place, including eBay, amazon, best buy, target, and even some more! So many to name, but the crown jewel for me was the Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition I got. I've been a huge Fire Emblem fan since I bought Echoes off a whim and loved every second of it! After that I went back and beat Awakening. Now I have all the paths of Fates to play. Ok, now it's time to blow you away with the updated stats:

    Updated stats:
    161/406 unique standard edition 3ds games collected
    46/77 unique limited edition 3ds games
    Approx. 39% of the way there.

    That's a ton more then last time! If I'm not mistaken I think the two new limited edition 3ds games were versions of Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon which released since I last updated you. Ok, that's it for now. Watch out for more updates in the future! Signing out for now, 11/30/17