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Random Rant #2 Redux

Modern Cartoons

  1. Doctor Strange
    Cartoons today, phew. You know, looking, my childhood was awesome, cartoons took risk and innkvated themselves. There's still some fpgood shows today like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Legend of Korra. But I feel sorry for kids today, they watch TV shows that try too hard to be funny, relying on butt and toilet jokes. If there were more well made animated shows like ba k in the 2000s, it would be just great. RR QOTD: What is your favorite childhood cartoon?

Recent Comments

  1. codyplays
    true,my sisters not allowed to watch adventure time period.i just hope this isn't the future of cartoons. my favorite cartoon was tom and jerry.the cartoons in the 2000s were awesome.
  2. Slowpoke