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Random Rant No.3 Redux


  1. Doctor Strange
    If you don't know what swatting is, its getting a gamer's personal information and abusing it to call the police. Its starting to become popular and is very dangerous. A 15 year old swatted a guy he met on Battlefield 4 because he kept killing him, but the police arrested him for a 25 year sentence. This is literally ruining the economy, thousands of money are going to these arrests and its because they are some stupid people. If you want an example, a Twitch user named Kootra was interrogated by the S.W.A.T. Team during his livestream. And everyone in the building was evacuated, so swatting is dangerous and stupid, and this needs to stop.

Recent Comments

  1. Nanamine
    I heard about this a few months back from a YouTuber named Boogie, it's completely ridiculous. I never heard about the guy that got a 25 year sentence, that's awful.
  2. Magik
    Oh my gosh.... I never knew this was a thing! Game companies should have some kinda recording device (I take that back) or something to monitor this!
    1. Doctor Strange
      Blogger's Response
      I know, this is a dumb thing
  3. Slowpoke
    LOL Stupid Gamers
    1. Doctor Strange