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Region Experience

this is about my experience playing the Fifth,Then Third,Then Second,Then First pokemon region games

  1. gogoyesoh123
    Today i starting[​IMG] a new fifth region game[​IMG] file[​IMG] to experience what the fifth region was because i never had the game[​IMG] until now.

    Still on the intro trying to understand the story and all i see is the starter Pokemon and someone getting crowned i guess for king.

    Am i a girl or a boy of course[​IMG] i'm a girl duh

    Following[​IMG] what Marriland does use the id to choose your[​IMG] starter Pokemon and i get a Snivy YES i don't know why i'm excited

    Wow Bianca you are probably the most clumsy person in the whole Pokemon franchise to have battled indoors and messed up MY room

    I beat the fact that Snivy is better than a rival's Pokemon which has always been in the game[​IMG]

    Mom your[​IMG] way to kind.

    Wow Bianca's dad is way too overprotective,even the mom agrees[​IMG].

    I have 1 more than any of my rivals. Beat that champion who probably only had one Pokemon by the time he reached the first town.

    Ghetis guy is an advertiser that really convinced people yet why would you liberate your[​IMG] loved Pokemon. If you care for them why liberate because there probably living a happy life.

    Mom really its a little late for giving me shoes that i can run with when it would have been useful in the beginning[​IMG].

    Once again, Bianca lost

    Once again, Cheren is being a NERD at the trainer school and he just got owned by a level 9 Purrlion beat that Cheren.

    I think the gym leader likes trains because he told me to train in the dreamyard so i got to ride a train in the dreamyard or not because i don't see a train but still in the anime he likes trains.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    Haha, cool