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Song Of Storms in eShop

Oh Zelda~

  1. Jeff The Killer
    Today I was cleaning up my emails, checking for any emails from Nintendo or Creepypasta when I noticed a free download for the Pokémon Shuffle! Me, being excited to get a game went to the eShop, but when I got there...I heard a familiar song. I realized the eShop was playing the Song of Storms!

    I was so happy to hear it!

    If you guys get the chance visit the shop!

    0h and Happy Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram

Recent Comments

  1. Marc
    I've heard about this already :P
    1. Jeff The Killer
      Blogger's Response
      Yeah, when I posted the video I saw two other videos about it already XD
  2. TheSpiritedWarrior
    Good find! Yeah, that music is really cool. Will sub to your youtube channel soon!
    1. Jeff The Killer
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks :), I know right I was so excited to hear it. Aha can't wait to see you there ^^