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Sonic 06 Review

This game is my favorite game and you guys should all buy it!

  1. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Sonic 06 is one of the best videogames ever made with its amazing character designs, voice acting, graphics, music gameplay, etc. I really enjoyed playing with three different characters in three different stories with sonic, shadow, and silver. The boss fights are also very creative and fun. My favorite is the one where you are sonic against Silver. I love this because you get to fly up to space and never come back. The character Elise also has to be a very wonderful character that helps Sonic and gets kidnapped like princess peach in a hoard of bowsers.

    The gameplay is so amazing. Th game runs so smoothly with only a little bit of lag but is still very fun. The characters have different types of moves they can use. Sonic can use different gems for special ablities. My personal favorite is the light blue gem which can be thrown and when it lands Sonic is launched to that position. Shadow is the chaos kung fu master being able tp use chaos shards to level up his power and his homing attack can turn into a 7 hit combo. Silver, can use psychokinesis to left objects and use them against enemies or even use enemy projectiles against thek. Silver is also the most overpowered. The final boss is great beging with Elise kissing Sonic on the lips. For a fanboy like me that was greater than shrek is love shrek is life.

    The boss hs you rotate using all your MLG pro skills to beat it. The ending is very sweet by reseting time so that the events in the game never happening making the player think he or she has wasted their time and should go outside and think about how they got trolled. I give this game a 7.8 out of 8. You should get this game right now there is no b8 m8 this is gr8!

Recent Comments

  1. molenight46
    you did a really good joke man. :)
  2. SmashChamp
    Are you joking? I mean when Elise kissed sonic i wasn't :angelic:, but i was a little more :dead:
    1. Slayerpon Tatsu
      Blogger's Response
      Not supposed to be serious
  3. D4rkDragon
    Please, edit it, please ! Destroy the Wall of the Text, the source of all evil! (PS: I'll re-note the thing after, it's just a suggestion)
  4. PigMayor
    I can't really grab onto what you are saying, it's a bit confusing. Other than that, the game is still not very good
  5. supershadowfan
    Good joke man good joke
    1. Slayerpon Tatsu
      Blogger's Response
      Finally someone with humor