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Super Pokemon Bros! Chapter 2

Second intro of the three heros before the story actually starts

  1. Rin
    It was a sunny day in Hearthome city, perfect for an adventure.

    "Lila! Wake up or you'll be late for your meeting with Professor Rowan!"

    Lila heard her mom's yelling from all the way upstairs and groaned. Her Poketch said 7:30.

    She slowly rose out of bed, and, still in her pajamas, headed downstairs for breakfast.

    "7:30 on a Saturday?! Really mom?!" She groaned, still a bit out of it. "The meeting isn't until 10:00..."

    "Yes, I know, but it's such a beautiful day and you shouldn't be cooped up inside all day. Getting in the habit of an early start-"

    "Ooh! Is that bacon?!" Lila interrupted her mom's lecture as she smelled bacon grease and heard the frying pan bubbling.

    "Indeed it is." Lila's father said, taking it out of the pan and putting it on a plate, along with eggs and toast. "Be sure to eat it while it's still hot!"

    "Hehe, thanks dad." Lila said as she began to fork down her breakfast.

    When she finished, she went upstairs again to get ready. She ran back downstairs in her favorite pink hoodie, hat, and black skirt.

    "See ya tonight!" Lila called as she ran out the door.

    "Have fun!" Her parents called.

    Lila rushed to the Contest Hall where the meeting was supposed to take place. She spotted her two best friends, Colton and Angela, waiting outside for her.

    "Hey, sleepyhead. What took you so long?" Colton half teased as he spotted Lila run up to the two of them.

    "Sorry I'm late." Lila gasped for breath, still panting from running so much.

    "Good morning! You look energetic today!" Angela smiled at Lila.

    "Jeez, I'm tired of standing here. Can we go exploring around the area for a while? Professor Rowan isn't even here yet!" Colton grumbled.

    "I don't see why not!" Lila exclaimed. "I'm always looking for adventure!"

    Just as she said that, the ground started to shake.

    "What is that?! An earthquake?!" Colton shouted. Out of nowhere, a portal of some sort opened under the 3 teens' feet and they fell for what seemed like ages, and landed face first in front of a stunning castle, with a stained glass portrait of a blond lady in a pink dress.

    "Where are we?" Angela broke the silence as she slowly got to her feet and helped the other two up.

    "I don't know...I don't recognize anything about this place!" Lila said grumpily, folding her arms over her chest.

    "Hey, it isn't Halloween yet, so what's with those 7 kids in the weird turtle costumes wrestling with those 3 kids dressed as plumbers and a princess?!" Colton blurted out, pointing towards a bunch of commotion in what seemed to be a large courtyard.

    "Ooh! I wanna go see!" Lila began to dash off towards where the fight took place, but Colton and Angela held her back.

    "Are you nuts?! You could get slaughtered over there!" Colton scolded her.

    "That, or be abducted. Look!" Angela pointed to the turtle kids dragging the princess and plumbers in a cage to what seemed to be some sort of airship. It was a weird, yet horrifying sight to see.

    "Hey, you three! Just what do you think you are doing loitering on castle grounds?!" A small group of 3 more turtle kids wearing helmets and weilding hammers approached them.

    "Um....We really don't know, actually...." Angela spoke quietly.

    "Under King Bowser's orders, only authorized minions are allowed on the grounds at this time! As Hammer Bro troops, we must ask you to come with us for the time being." The one in the center spoke, grabbing Angela by the arm as the other two Hammer Bro troops grabbed Colton and Lila, respectively, by the arms as well, and they headed off to some sort of dungeon underground.

    After being thrown in a cell, Colton kicked the wall in frustration and immediately grabbed his foot in pain.

    "Sheesh, this must be some sick Halloween prank. It better be."

    "Um....Angela, Colton...I have no clue what's going on here, but I don't think we're in Sinnoh anymore...."

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