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Super Pokemon Bros!! Chapter 4

The three heros take on Roy Koopa in desert land

  1. Rin
    Upon exiting the now destroyed castle, Lila, Colton, Angela, and Toad walked in near silence. They all knew they were lost, but none of them wanted to admit it.

    "So, er, Toad," Colton broke the silence. "Do you know where we should go next?"

    "Well...." Toad grabbed a large map from his vest (which astonished the other 3 because they had no clue how it fit in his pocket) and gave it a look. "I believe we can get to Desert Land from here. We just gotta follow this trail of Pirahna plants...."

    "Oh no! Not more Pirahna Plants!" Colton groaned.

    "Relax. It won't be that bad." Angela assured him.

    "Uh, maybe it'll be even worse if they shoot FIREBALLS!" Lila pointed to the trail Toad had referred to.

    The Pirahna Plants seemed to be playing some sort of dodgeball game with fireballs shooting out of their mouths.

    "Oh jeez, what's next? More Hammer Bros?" Colton muttered.

    He spoke too soon, because multiple Hammer Bro troops patrolled the area.

    "Maybe Abra can help us." Angela suggested, pulling out a Pokeball.

    "Abra! Abra! Abra!" The tiny Pokemon called.

    "Abra, can you teleport us past these Pirahna Plants?" Angela spoke to it in a hushed voice.

    "Abra!" The Pokemon nodded, and it warped the group.

    There were just two problems.

    The first problem was, they landed in quick sand. The second problem was, Toad got left behind in the midst of 'Pirahna Plant Dodgeball'

    They could hear his voice echoing, "Go ahead without me! Save yourselves!"

    After a bit of struggle, the trio broke free from the quicksand.

    "Yikes, I got sand in my shoes!" Lila whined.

    "Don't we all?" Colton rolled his eyes.

    "I see another castle up ahead..." Angela pointed to the castle.

    "Well, there's no point in standing here! Let's go check it out!" Lila exclaimed.

    On their way, they found another Koopaling. This one was a lot bigger than the one before. He wore reddish-pink sunglasses and a purple shell. He was seemingly guarding outside the castle, with a Krokorok next to him, digging in the sand and then, well, making more sand.

    If any of them thought they could go unnoticed just like they did with Larry at first, they were wrong. This Koopaling noticed them right away.

    "Oy! Where did you three come from?!" He shouted, seemingly angry.

    "What's with those shades?" Colton muttered, and the girls giggled.

    "H-Hey! Pink is a manly color!!" The Koopaling stomped his feet in rage, shaking the ground slightly.

    "Sure..." Colton muttered.

    "Should have expected ya though, since Larry couldn't beat ya. But I'll finish ya off this time! And nobody has beat ol Roy so far. Haha. Let's go Krokorok!"

    "Let's go! Squirtle!" Colton shouted, tossing out a Pokeball.

    Colton leaned down and whispered so just Squirtle and the girls could hear "Squirtle, dig underground, then pop up next to them and use water gun, okay?"

    Squirtle nodded, burrowing it's way underground.

    A few moments later it popped up behind Roy and Krokorok and squirted water all over them.

    "Grrr, you'll pay for that!" Roy growled, stomping his foot. "Wait, Krokorok! Where are you going?!"

    It seemed Krokorok didn't like the water and fled into the castle.

    "I guess it's your turn, Machoke!" Roy tossed out a second Pokeball.

    The Machoke looked like it was ready to smash things, probably in just as much of a rage as Roy.

    Squirtle ran back to Colton, appearing slightly intimidated.

    "I'll handle this one." Angela said, glaring at the Machoke, and it glared back.

    "Gardevoir! Your time to shine!" Angela gracefully threw out a Pokeball and a dazzlingly beautiful Pokemon came out.

    Machoke's eyes widened. Roy's may have too but with those sunglasses you couldn't tell.

    "Use confusion!" Angela commanded.

    Suddenly Machoke seemed dazed and started hitting itself, now seemingly unable to fight.

    "Grr, this is my last Pokemon. Sandslash! Go!" Roy threw out his final Pokemon.

    Without orders, Squirtle used water gun again, this time also hitting Roy, possibly intentionally.

    "Shrew!" The Sandshrew didn't like the water, but kept fighting anyways. It kicked up a huge sandstorm.

    Water and sand clashed together, as the two Pokemon brawled it out, their trainers staring in awe.

    When the dust cleared up it appears Sandshrew had fainted.

    "Well, as much as I'd hate to admit it, I have no choice to surrender. I'm defeated." Roy sighed. "Feel free to move on ahead, but if you want to even think about defeating King Dad and Master Darkrai, you'll have to defeat the other 5 Koopalings."

    "Huh, you're not such a tough ol brute after all, 'Bully Koopa'." Colton laughed, shoving Roy teasingly as the three passed by.

    "H-Hey!" Roy stomped his feet in anger once again, and continued to do so after they left.

    Back at the HQ.....

    "What?! You failed!?" Bowser boomed as Roy entered the HQ to report the news.

    "Sorry King Dad, those pesky kids were just too much. They're probably headed to ice land as we speak." Roy reported the exact details of what happened after, which just infuriated Bowser even more.

    "Erm....Perhaps Lemmy will have better luck. The climate of ice land also seems to give him an advantage, so let's see how this plays out." Darkrai spoke in an eerily calm voice.

    "Hah, maybe if for once in his life he'd stop playing around like a child." Bowser muttered.

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    Haha seems like Roy gave up easier than Lemmy did.
    1. Rin
      Blogger's Response
      I think you mean Larry. Lemmy I'm currently writing. But yea, that kinda was the idea
  2. Spinnerweb
    Toad's noble spirit makes me giggle :hilarious:
  3. AliTheAce
    Very well written, and nicely detailed. A masterpiece! :)
  4. Earth2543
    roll around and wait for other chapter to com its very fun rin! :thumpup:
  5. paceygym
    Lemmy is my personal favorite. Can't wait for part 5!
  6. SmashChamp
    this is great oh Lemmy here we go
  7. Rocky
    Characters with such personality makes the series one that will keep entertaining us for as long as it stands.