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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS broke my Circle Pad

Circle pad finally decided to kick the bucket, but all hope is not lost.

  1. Marc
    A majority of you guys know that I got Super Smash Bros. for 3DS on its release date and I've been playing the game a lot. A couple of days ago, my circle pad finally decided to "give in" or shall I say, "kick the bucket". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, the circle pad basically broke. There, I said it.

    First the rubbery part slipped off while I was playing against another member of this forum over Wi-Fi. I thought that wasn't a problem after hearing that it happened to other members in this community, but boy was I wrong. Eventually I noticed a crack on the circle pad and after continuously playing, a piece of the circle pad got stuck in the rubber when it came off during an online match.

    circle pad cracked.JPG

    Luckily, I can still play 3DS games fine, however, the cracked circle pad does affect my gameplay experience when playing Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. For example, I noticed that it's difficult to use dash attacks, down B, side steps and charged up side attacks. After days of playing with the cracked circle pad, I have gotten used to it, however, I can't say I'm at full capacity just yet.

    On the bright side, I do plan to order a circle pad online (most likely on Amazon) and try to repair it myself using an iFix tutorial that I discovered on the Internet. My 3DS is most likely under warranty, however, shipping it back to the United States where I ordered it doesn't seem like a good idea and there are no repair shops that I know of where I live, therefore I'm forced to make an attempt at trying to repair it myself once I receive the circle pad replacement. Hopefully nothing goes wrong ^.^

Recent Comments

  1. junior
    Sorry for you .Me i was just looking for an opponent in SSB for 3ds but i hope the problem has been fixed now :'D
  2. YoshiKid
    Damn.It must've been hard getting used to it.
  3. Sans
    Gr8 m8 r8 8/8 m80
  4. Nintendo Marvel fan
    Nintendo Marvel fan
    I feel sorry for u man.
  5. Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange
    That hand though...
  6. Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson
  7. Kalomaze
    tenth blog eva made
  8. ianarceus
    When I have my 3DS sent in to get repaired, it goes to a repair shop somewhere in California.
  9. Taz705
    Thats bad
  10. taddanki
    oh no...........................................