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the life of a gamer

entry 1

  1. codyplays
    So the life of a gamer are sometimes awesome and horrible,I don't know which I fall in but mine hasn't been the best.alot of times I don't say anything about my huge amount of knowledge of Nintendo,where I live it's looked down upon and made fun of.(is it like that for you,also I'm in middle school)for pokemon everyone names there pokemon f---face and laugh and play for 5 minutes before stopping. Mario got dropped a while back,people just joked about how much peach got kid napped but it just wasn't funny after a while(not inappropriate enough I guess)the only other game that's brought up is assassins creed and cod and there almost the only games others play.most people here think Nintendo is dead(or close to it)and make fun of it.it's kind of sad really. Is anybody else like this?yes?what happens where you are?

Recent Comments

  1. fonduemotz
    That's how it was for me and I hated it, I know how it feels
  2. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    That's so true.My childhood friend doesn't like Nintendo anymore because he thinks games like Mario and Pokemon are repetitive,and he actually prefers COD now,and because of that,he doesn't talk with me anymore,since I still like Nintendo.It was sad,but I got over it.Great post on the topic,btw
  3. Slowpoke
    Some gamer just don´t know about quality
    Thats why they play crappy fps only everytime
  4. nitendedo
    wow awesome