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the life of a gamer

entry 2

  1. codyplays
    So last time I covered the bad now I'll cover the good.has gaming ever helped you before.first off one good thing is most of the times were smarter than most people(in my opinion at least),we learn better (again in my opinion)and seem to get better grades then others.then there's the fact of games and how we talk about them.what I mean is this,"have you heard of the new assassins creed game?"said Bob."ya the shooting hidden blade is really cool"said joe end of conversation.with us this happens,did you hear about the new assassins creed game with the phantom blade?"said Cody "ya I didn't think it was as good as it was hyped to be" I agree but the game wasn't as bad as they say it was just a good change""I thought the same thing"
    And the conversation goes for an hour. I guess we're unique in that way on how we know so much about games(were gamers duh)than most,and the best part is we enjoy it.the last thing is have You ever walked up to someone and say Have you heard of the new uncharted game coming in the summer,no have You,I watched the e3 when it was announced,the what,never mind.something like that

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  1. irvingsterio.sd
    wow, todo lo que llego a escribir, bueno no se si sea poco o mucho comparado con otros