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The most underappreciated mascot ever

And probably the most versatile one too.

  1. Spinnerweb
    Which gaming mascot has raised pets lovingly, and also single-handedly slaughtered zombies in a way that would make Rambo look like a fruitcake to save a lonely, lonely town from ruin? Who is it for whom true love is both primary and secondary? Who stays amazingly agile even after being infected with a zombie virus that will take over her soul if she doesn't get home by the evening?

    No one, right?


    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Chilia, of Circle Entertainment - an excellent (especially in recent times) developer known best for their 3DS eShop and DSiWare titles.

    Chilia has appeared in pet sims, zombie-hunting apocalyptic survival RPGs and romantic visual novels. How's that for an unofficial video game mascot?

    So anyway, the games:

    Animal Puzzle Adventure (OMGSOCUTEICANT)


    The Lost Town: The Dust
    (this one is the best and one of my favourite DSiWare titles)


    The Lost Town: The Jungle (a sequel to the above game - just as good in terms of gameplay, but suffers from a bad localization)


    Lair Land (love, true love!)


    And then...

    Poof. :panda:

    Chilia has been quiet recently. She hasn't appeared in a 3DS game yet, but I'd love to see her have another The Lost Town adventure in 3D (doesn't the idea seem great, Circle Ent.? *nudge nudge* Hmmmmmmm?) or as a cameo in games like the excellent ones Circle Entertainment has been coming up with recently - Demon King Box, The Legend of the Dark Witch, what have you.

    The Lame Ending:

    So, yeah, I did a blog. Yippeee! :D


Recent Comments

  1. spagooti
    As I don't fully recognize her she looks so kawaii I just can't right now. From this blog post I hope he actually appears in 3DS games.

    Cutest Mascot Ever
  2. ErixSan
    1. Spinnerweb
      Blogger's Response

      I didn't understand it. And I doubt they fully understood me. So :panda:
  3. XxDeathlyWordsxX
    I agree with you!Also SHEISSOCUTEICAN'T AGHHHHH
  4. GamerGoldFish
    Nice! This is really true, she is under appreciated. Nice post. once again!
  5. .:*Alex*:.
    Love it, lots of text and pretty funny. Thanks for making this post!