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The Mystery Mii

They were oblivious...

  1. OopaMazo

    Megalegacy and AgentLuigi3 were so confused as to who this "Tamar" person was that they both left the Shoutbox (and Mario Kart 7) almost immediately after their conversation. They were good sports. #Trolled :hilarious:

Recent Comments

  1. MasterofBasics
    Ah so it was raining heavily at Feb 6...
    Thx for re-living some of my memory.
  2. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    I'm pretty sure that Mii is Cooking Mama messing around with us.Nice blog post,dough!
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      I never thought of that, but not quite lol. Cooking Mama's hair is different. xD
  3. CrazyElf
    Lol, I like that :)
  4. Megalegacy98
  5. Magik
    Haha, Oopa. :sneaky Oopa attack: