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The Thief Of Baramos: the crown of the heart 1st chapter

a translation for a thai land novel

  1. Earth2543

    Hi guys this is an unofficial translation of my all time fav thai novel-- "the thief of baramos" i'll do my best to translate this as best as i can so hope you guys like it :)

    Chapter 1: The Plan

    "checkmate." a voice rang out claim its victory.

    "Im didnt looking." another voice answer.

    "if you dont want to play then you dont have to, its boring"

    "one more round." the older man said as a boy stare at him.

    "what is in your mind?"

    "I wanna kidnap a prince."


    a laughing sound fill a horse mounted wagon that parked on a small green hill.

    "this is not a joke Felin De Bereaux*" a serious voice of a 40 years old man, his bald head reflecting the shining sun, his brawn eyes stare at his son.

    Felin a boy at the age of 15 have a troubled face, his light brown eyes that match the color of his short messy hair, now his face twisted with laughter that he try so hard to control but failed after see the face of his father and burst out with laughter.

    "what is so funny Felin?"

    "im finding the idea of master Madus De Bereaux is funny if you ask me" he answer while laughing so hard that it hurt his stomach "hey dad i never stop you whatever you are doing, will you stole someone's dog or deceive peoples or even kidnap a bride, but kidnap a prince?" he start to giggle again as he spoke.

    "where did you get that brilliant idea? you live to you title madus the liar ain't you?" and start to laguh again.

    "no, if this is succeed you might get promote to the king of kidnapper" and burst out another lound wave of laughter as the father send a dead glare at his big mouthed son.

    Felin stop and wipe out his tear as he see the serious face of his father.

    "you will really do it?" he ask with curiosity, but as he think about the idea he laugh again.

    "i do what i say, and im already done it once" the father speak with a serios tone but the son did not buy it.

    "so, what will you do, which prince do you want? prince Rowen of Gemini? prince Arthur of Zares? prince Kalo of Kanoval? prince Shabrian* of Vanal or prince Minos of Arious*? if you not include the land of Demos that no one want to go, there is 24 countrys there is prince and princess wait for you to kidnap, so which one do you want?" Felin speak while wave his hand in the air like a child.

    "Im tell you that im not kidding, you might think im joking around but im not."

    "Dad" Felin spoke while shaking his head. "you must be daydreaming, how can you get into the castle while the guards is all over the place, and if you get caught…" he draw his fingers across his neck.

    "Heh" Madus snorted "there is no need to go all the way to castle if you want a prince, there is a chance that you will not find them there."

    the word seem to get his attention as he calm his face under the sun is pretty good looking-- almost beautiful but the scar under his left eye tell that he live in the pretty rouge and dangerous life, its made his pretty seem scary when there is no smile on it.

    "you dont tell me…" his eyebrow drawing closer to each other and his finger trace along his scar out of habit. "dont tell me that you mean…… Edinburg the royal academy?"

    Madus snap his fingers

    "you got your brain from me Felin"

    "more like stupidity…." he mumble to him self

    "what did you just say?"

    "i said apples does'nt fall far from the tree" he lie but it not seem like his father believe it.

    "yes, i mean the academy go along this road and turn to the right we will enter the town of Edinburg, once we're there we can get as many prince and princess as we want, and then we will have power to do anything , call wind get wind call rain get rain*, even if we dont wanna be rich we will be before we know it"

    after listen to his father's plan he gave a desperate sigh, and fear that instead of wind and rain they'll get hurricane and typhoon instead.

    "Dad" Felin tiredly reply "those royal school only have rich boy and noble kids in it a real prince wont be there"

    "they are at Edinburg im sure of it" the father back up his claim.

    "if i were a prince i would hired a teacher to tech me at the castle instead, why would they troble them self and come all the way to Edinburg?"

    "all the prince and princess go to study there it is an agreement between kings and high king."

    "agreement between kings and high king? then how did you know about it?"

    "how do i know it is not important, i said i know so i know, got it?"

    "how can i believe you? you are Madus the liar"

    Madus shake it off and continue to talk.

    "the real problem is how will we find them. the real one must be amongs the crowd."

    "if you want to know then you just go in there and then its done."

    Felin half heartedly reply while yawning.

    "then i will send you to search inside and i will wait here."

    "Me?" his drawliness from before vanished as he spoke. "no way Dad, im never go to any school as boring as that, im pass"

    "but i have decided and i will not alow any objection, you go inside im wait outside once its time both will do as planed." Madus speke while snap his finger from excitement.

    "then you go inside i will wait outside" the boy still not gave up.

    "look how old am i Felin how can i go to school? and that place enter fee is damn expansive you must success no matter what."

    "but you are so forgetful if yoy send me in there and forget me like you forget and abandoned Mom at Port Lucas? and once i go in there, there is no coming back its a good prison there."

    "dont be stupid you are my only son i would never forget you. i might forget about your mom but im not going to forget you, you can relax"

    Felin start to get desperate and refused loudly.

    "you said that to mom too."
    "look, i know that you try to get rid of me so many time if its isnt for my instinct i had been a stray kid some where by now."

    Madus gave a weak smile and said.
    "if you so confident in your instinct then you dont have yo worry right?"

    "im just afraid that my instinct wont catch up to your sly *** forever."

    AND……. there it is the first chapter of the thief of baramos volume 1. the crown of the heart now i will explain some thing i have been marked trough out the chapter

    Felin De Bereaux: this is the official english name for him its spell like this:
    (Fe-lin-Der-Berrow) same goes for Madus

    Gemini: this town name actually spell (Jay-Mi-Nai) but Gemini is an official name so i use it

    call wind get wind call rain get rain: its a pun ghat mean you get everything you want

    as for Shabrian of Vanal and Minos of Arious
    there is no official name for these two so i came up with a name that as close to original as possible.

    that is all for now next chapter will be out soon hope you enjoy this one!

Recent Comments

  1. Brittany the bookworm
    Brittany the bookworm
    awesome story far! :) thanks for telling me about this.
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      no problem! :)
      im desperate to find my self a reader anyway
      check more of them in my blog posts currently up to 6 chapter ;)
  2. Xzerogammer
    +A in translation
    +B in grammar
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      im think im deserve -B in grammar lol
  3. SmashChamp
    Nice like everyone said not the best grammer, but still, nice.
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      so you came!
      thank you pretty much! :)
  4. paceygym
    This is very good :D As it's been said there are some grammar/punctuation/spelling errors but I was able to understand it :3 Can't wait for more ;)
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      im so happy im wanna cry......
      im glad you guys like it so far and chapter 2 will be out today or tomorow im working on it :)
      lot of pun and jokes are hard to translate but ill mange to get em right somehow....
  5. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    There were some few grammar errors which confuded me a bit,but I still managed to read and understand it just fine.Good job with the translation and story telling. :D
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      i know my grammar suck x3
      hope its get better by time thank for reading!
  6. Spinnerweb
    It's a very good translation; there were some grammar/punctuation errors but they didn't affect it much for me because you've made the story readable whereas lots of translations break the story or make it sound bland. This one doesn't.

    Good work :3
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      even thoug my grammar is still bad translate this help me help me learn a lot of words and this chapter is only a few pages long and still easy ill get harder to translate as soon as he get in school so ill do my best!
      still want more people to read tho.