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The tragedy of Captain toad's treasure tracker


  1. robintipperofscales
    When playing captain toad's levels in mario 3d world, we did not think much of him but now that he is getting his own game we can see that their is more to the picture. If you have not seen the captain toad treasure tracker commercial yet I'll give you a little bit to look it up. Good? Good? As we can see this story is one of greed and deception as rather than choosing Captain toad, Toadett grips for dear life onto the star they have just worked to get, this star being a very shiny and expensive thing, But was it worth her possible life? Well that is for you to decide.

Recent Comments

  1. Ruby
    Don't spoil it!
  2. TheDreamingHawk
    I don't think the reason Toadette hung onto the big star was because she was greedy. She just didn't want the big bird to be a bully!
  3. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    I don't get it... ._.
    1. robintipperofscales
      Blogger's Response
      I uploaded a story with this, but it's not showing?
      how could I make the story show
  4. 3dsatackman
  5. ErixSan
    I don't know how to reply this actually .-.
  6. Magik
  7. jandkas
    I can't even at this post...