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Trying make a new F-ZERO

F-zero for PC

  1. Superjoris
    Yeah i am trying to make a new f-zero with blender but i need helpants for make it .w. So if you want a new F-zero and help just ask at the comments.We want to trying pos daily updates here in the comments or
    in other post

Recent Comments

  1. AliTheAce
    Blender is a great tool to use (I use it as well) but I doubt that you can use it effectively without any knowledge of the Python language. It is NECESSARY to know it if you want to use Blender's game engine.
  2. D4rkDragon
    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Don't get excited too quickly !
    You don't make a game this way, or you'll run into the wall! I think you could add more infos, like ideas, what kind of engine to use (2D/3D), what kind of help you'd need...
    1. Superjoris
      Blogger's Response
      I know how to make games beacause i make 2-3 test games and she
      dont lock sooo bad .w. i so need helpants for make it.Il try make a 3d engine (i use the blender engine)