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TToB: the crown of heart chapter 5

finally continue

  1. Earth2543
    i have made some typos hope u guys dont mind
    previous chapter: http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/ttob-the-crown-of-the-heart-chapter-4.547/

    Chapter 5: Ro Zevares

    The sun isn't up yet. The sky is covered in grey-ish clouds. The sound of roosterd and wagons can be heard from the street. The air of autumn are cold, it's the most perfect condition for sleeping, and yet the two De Bereaux are long awake and ready to go.

    "Felin, did you remember the plan yet?" Madus, ask him after they rehearse the plan for the last time.

    "I'm got it, I'm got it, I have never go out of your plans before, remember? The problem is, how well do you know about this so called Edinburg Academy? You never saw the old man, Lemothy, his eyes are as sharp as an eagle, I'm not guarantee that I'm won't get found out."

    "Don't be a chicken now, Felin, you only have to act as a spy and look for a target to kidnap and remember those that have a title of a prince and princess, are mostly just a 3rd or 4th in line they are not our priority, look for a real one that doesn't have thoes title, got it?"

    "I'm really want to know that why the heir to the throne have to wandering arojnd as a civilian, while those self-centered royals can only be a prince but will never be a king."

    "They're doing so because they gotta experience first-hand how do they citizens live. And there is a rumor that in the past an assassination of royal bloods are happen very often, that is why they prefer to sent their heir out in the wild instead of get them killed in they bed."

    "Are you really sure?"

    "Just do as I say. I will contact you later after you get in, hurry up it's time to go."

    Felin gave a quick nod and gather his luggage. He have a small traveling bag. He hung his sword on his back and pick up a pile of books and walk along side Madus out of the room."

    In the dew covered front yard of Edinburg both man and wagon are crowded on the street on the wall there is several purple flag with a pattern of a crown a sword a wand and a golden ring, it's Edinburg's flag.

    today is the day they will get assign to a dorm a queue of student is long enough that you cant see the end. all of them are students that just enrolled this year waiting for theirs name to be called.

    all of them are in the school's unifrom with a slight diffirent between the upper and under classmen, the upperclassmen have a long cloak that came in four colors red, blue, white and black.

    aside from peoples there is also a noise of an anomal as well. to the left of the queue there is a stable for 1st year's horses. all the upperclassmen have they own pet some are dragon. giant elephant. giant snake or even giant rat

    "you should get in the queue, Felin and remember that do not get in the knight's fortress if you don't want to die."


    heard a laughing sound Felin turn roward the noise.

    a boy with tea colored hair and greeh eyes, Ro Zevares the beggar.

    "do you know what is the nickname of the four dorm? the money waster, the quiz tower, the adventure fortress and the labor land."

    Felin turn toward his dad that start to sweating, the money waster; that is not funny. "

    "Errr… this is my dad, Madus De Bereaux. " Felin cut the silence with introduction. Ro gave a little bow and introduct him self.

    "my name is, Ro Zevares. glad to meet you, sir."

    "Ro, take care of Felin, okay? he is an idiot."

    "hey, Ro let's go. and you dad you should go back i can walk for my self."

    "where will you choose to go, Ro?"

    "not everyone can choose where they will stay, It's up to the test score too."

    "the test?"

    "yes, the test with the four treasures. i don't know how they judge the score though. "

    "then where do you think you will end up?"

    "i think it will be the citizen's land. it's suitable for a beggar like me isn't it? but i won't be in that castle with you Mr. thief." Ro speak in a tone that more like a joking than a serious one. Felin laugh a bit.

    "don't mind what my dad is saying he just daydreaming thing. the money waster? he have nothing to waste and i want to be in an adventure fortress it's sound like fun."

    they stop talking because they surrounding start to grow silent some upperclassmen are leading thoes that's not a student out of the yard.

    shortly after that a sound of a bell toll rung across the town. he look up to where the sound came from and he see a largest clock he has ever seen in his life.

    then there is a sound of a horn that came from the front of the line. it's the sign that the dorm sorting has begun.

    "Ephina Grizdoris* the princess of Athen……… the Noble's castle! "
    after the announcement all the flags on the wall change color from purple to blue with a crown pattern and a tremendous cheering are coming from one of the upperclassmen's group.

    name after name the queue start to get shorter until finally he almost stand at the front. in front of the line of student is a long table coverwd in purple cloth with Lemothy stand behind it.

    look pass the gate behind Lemothy. is four group of peoples in four colours blue, red, white and black in front of each group is a flag holder it on a majestic beast. the blue one have a golden Gryffin with a man holding a blue flag with crown pattern sit on top of it. in front of the red group is a man holding a red flag with a sword pattern sit on top of a fire dragon. next is a man holding a white flag with wand pattern sit on a Sphinx a symbol of wisdom and lastly the black group with a black flag with a ring pattern on it sit on a beautiful Pheonix.

    "Felin De Bereaux, the thief of Baramos!"

    Felin step in front of Lemothy like other did.

    "Felin… hmm.. ah its you your will stay at the knight's fortress"

    after Lemothy spoke the announcer announce his name and the dorm he will be in and after that a lound cheering noise are rung out all around him it's the loudest of all the cheer he has heard today.

    "welcome, Felin De Bereaux the knight of Edinburg. "

    a gentle voice speak to him it's a young man with a red cloak on him which mean he got to be an upperclassmen in knight's fortress. and he seem to held an important position in the dorm too because his attire have more decoration than other.

    the face of this young man is very handsome and have a hint of wisdom in his eyes. Felin's first impression for this man is pretty good.

    "I have heard that your test result are very unique compare to other. i would like to hear the story from you sometime, Felin."

    he handed Felin a red cloak.

    "thank you." Felin received the cloak and walk toward the group with another upperclassmen. but he turn toward the table one last time and see 3 peoples stand beside Lemothy.

    first man in a black cloak. curly blonde hair that goes down to the middle of the back. his eyes are kind and friendly.

    second is a beautiful woman in a white cloak. her blonde hair tied into a bun on her head. her skin are as white as snow, her face are expressionless.

    and the last man. sharp face. short black hair his nose are bent down a little at the tip like a bird's beak.

    when Felinmet his eyes. his black eyes are glared at him like a professional chef discerning they ingredients. the man's lip are spread into an evil grin.

    it's make him know a word of fear for the first time in his entire life. he stood there paralyzed too afraid to walk away. can't even avert his eyes. and he would stand there dumbfounded if not for the young man he met not long ago interrupt the black haired man's attention.

    "i hope you won't start a war with the knight's fortress in the first day would you? prince Arthur. "

    "the war between us is never end, prince Roven."

    prince Arthur of Zares nickname the lion heart. he expand the border of Zares into snow land, invade the land of Demos like no one never do.

    prince Roven of Jemini nickname the magic prince who do the impossible. he open a sea trade route to Arius and Nile. solve financial problem in his country and gain many alliance. turn the tide of war between Jemini and Zares.

    the two names are hung in his mind. he hope that his stupid father won't decide to kidnap these two or else he would be in a serious trouble.

    Yay! chap 5 is done its took me long enough, huh?
    i hope you guys enjoy it!

    ** Ephina Grizdoris read like this (A-phee-na. Gris-do-ris)

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  1. Spinnerweb
    The first paragraph is in the wrong tense, but the translation is good and the effort is very appreciable :D
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      thank for the constructive criticism :D
      i will try to improve bit by bit :)
  2. SmashChamp