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TToB: the crown of the heart chapter 2

chapter2 is out!

  1. Earth2543
    for the first chapter go here: http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/the-thief-of-baramos-the-crown-of-the-heart-1st-chapter.501/

    Chapter 2: the town of Edinburg

    A small wagon shaking as it go through the road to Edinburg. Edinburg is a free-state small town that have its border connected to the land of Demos and is an only free state town that get a special protection fron high king whose name is well know for the fight between him and the demon king Evides of Demos.

    the town of Edinburg is under the protection of Lemothy the great wise man rumored that he is the only one that have magic power equal to Evides and thus made this town have fewer invasion from Demos than other.

    as the wagon move pass farm, cattle and stable a small house builded here and there along the road they destination lie ahead after short while a giant grey stone wall stood before them, render the two silence in awe.

    "is the town behind that wall?" Felin ask while him and his father stare at the wall

    "did you see any town along the way?" the father ask back


    "then the town must be in there, look there is a caravan of wagons heading there we wont get lost."

    the father and son stopped talking as they came to a halt half a mile away from the wall sea of wagon and cart all around them.

    "does they have a festival in there or something?" Felin ask his father and look around a camp made of big and small tent sit here and there as if they are waiting for something or someone, then his eyes shift toward wagon around him and spoke.

    "how about we steal a horse dad? those are some fine horses they have."

    Madus noded his head in agreement before realize that he has been tricked.

    "dont change our goal a horse is nothing compare to a prince."

    "the traffic is pretty bad look like we wont move for a while i will go for a walk then."

    "just dont get your self into troubles."

    "i never get myself into troubles, troubles come to me all the time." as soon as he finished the sentence he jump out of the wagon and vanish into the crownd.

    "2 K*" the ice cream lady tell the price, Felin brought two coins out of his pocket and receive a cone of ice cream from the lady.

    "hey sister, why are they so many peoples here?" he ask a question that made the ice cream lady surprised.

    "you came all the way here but uou didnt know?"

    "im just happen to pass by here with my father."

    "are you one of those wandering fortune tellers?"
    Felin didnt answer that question and continue to eat his ice cream.

    "today is the only day in a year that Edinburg Royal Academy accept new student"

    "the only day?"

    "yes they are a day like this only once a year that is why a lot of peoples from normal citizen, noble, warior even prince and princess come here like a flood, if you can get in to the school its like your future is already destinied to be a great person."

    "Hmm…. so there is really a real prince amongs these wagons huh?"

    "right, i heard that this year there gonna be a lot of important prince and princess in there because this is the most famous acadamy in Eden even high king graduated ftom here."

    "high king? then those who enter this school must feel very honored right?"

    "right, if not for that one fact there wont be so many peoples line up to go there and it not easy to enter either."

    "you mean it have a test?"

    "yeah, but not a normal test you got to be chosen from the four tresures of Edinburg: the sword of the king, the staff of power, the ring of wisdom and the crown of the heart."

    "odd, wont it be sword of power, staff of wisdom, ring of the heart and crown of the king?" but the lady laugh it off and said "what im say is right my son take the test last year and he almost made it…" her face grow tense as she spoke.

    "almost? then how does he fail?"

    "after you got choesen by one of the four one of the professor will interview you"

    "so he fail the interview huh?" Felin spoke while suppress his laughter, but the lady start to feel angry.

    "right just an interview how can anyone fail at it?" the lady say while exhale loundly.

    "hey dad look like your plan is gonna fail let's change it"
    Felin talk while he enter his worn out wagon that look even worse when compare to those of other.

    "heh, dont be afraid im already registered your name and i have a plan."

    "what!? you already registered me? you cant just pay the fee and walk in you know."

    "that is why im told you not to afraid here take this, its a device to fool the four tresure." his dad throw a small device at him and syart to explain.

    "you just press a switch here and move closer to one of the four and they should be glowing then its done, you just have to hid it some where like in your sleeves."
    Madus explain while show him how to use the thing leave Felin in confusion.

    "how did you know all this?"

    "how i know is not important."

    "and after that there still have an interview…"

    "--take this" Madus toss a small book at him
    Felin read the title of the book "Answer for the Edinburg's interview" and take a look inside
    "A: there is four items crown, sword, staff and rign 1. choose what you want the most 2. choose what you want the least 3. a thing yoj will sacrifice for a title of the king 4. a thing you will sacrifice a title of the king for
    if you want go stay in the knight's fortress choose the answer from page 2, if want to stay in the wise men's tower choose the answer from page 3, if want to stay in the noble's castle choose the answer from page 4, if want to stay in the land of citizens choose the answer from page 5"
    drop of sweat start to flow down his face as he read it and stare at his father.

    "what? still confused? you are stupid like your mom to get confused by thing like this."

    "but what are these 4 names here the knight's fortress? and other 3"

    "they are dormitories since you are gonna stay there the whole year thoses fancy name is just the name of a dorm, jusg choose whichever you want it does not matter and if you like to answer the question like an important person does just look at page 6"

    "any objection?"

    "Okay, Okay i'll go, but where should i stay? Hmm.. look like the knight's fortress have a lot of hot blood, and look like i got to study very hard in the wise men's tower, and the land of citizens is gonna have a lot of work so….
    i will stay in the noble"s casgle then" once he finished his daydreaming though his dad is long gone.

    Ahhhh…. chapter 2 is done! please point out any typos you found so i can improve!

    Ps. the "K" when Felin buy an ice cream is a kind of currency or should i call it Kei? idk what do you guys think? and note that the main currency of this novel is called "Crown" yhe "K" is like a cent foe the dollars.

    hope your guys enjoy!

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    great job this is a great story!!
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      btw did you read the first chapter yet?

      again thank for reading!
  2. SmashChamp
    Nice! MUCH better grammar, I didn't get confused this time :D
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      thank! gl witj your story as well
  3. Spinnerweb
    This one is even better. I like this story. Thanks for working so hard on translating it :D
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      next chap hve some serious joke on it im laugh when im first reading it maybe you will find that funny too : D
  4. paceygym
    Very Nice, you did better with grammer imo :3 Keep up the good Work!
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      thank pacey all the comment mean a lot for me ;)