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TToB: the crown of the heart chapter 3

how will the test turn out? read and enjoy!

  1. Earth2543
    previous here: http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/ttob-the-crown-of-the-heart-chapter-2.510/

    Chapter 3: the test

    "Kalo Wanebli the prince of kanoval!"

    the name that the announcer just said catch the attention of the two.
    Felin's eyes see a boy walk toward the announcer he have a short blond hair with blue eyes, his face lack any emotion his blue eyes full of confident and self importance.

    "how about that one, dad?" Felin ask as he watch the prince walk away.

    "even the high king are not that stiff let's look for other one."

    "talk like you know the high king." as Felin speaking the next name make him jump by surprise

    "Felin De Bereaux the thief of Baramos!"
    the lound voice of the announcer made every one look around for the owner of the name. its not so normal that a thief will came to this school after all.

    "damnit!, why are you use our full name and title!?"
    Felin talk while his dad push him in the back urge him to go.

    slightly angry but he still walk forward, a smile on his face but his eyes have a serious look on it .

    "Felin the thief?" a 2 meter tall man with a mocking grin ask him.

    "you dont have to shouted the thief so lound…" his word made some people laughting a bit

    "Hi." Felin greeting the prince in front of him as he move into the line. but all he got from prince Kalo is a cold stare, a mocking grin and a word.

    "thief is a thief, they cant be anything else."
    why Felin think of the best reply to suit the situation the next annouced name made him forget all about it

    "Ro Zevares the beggar of Tristor!" the word almost made him burst out with laughter, and then mumbled to him self just lound enough for the prince to hear him.

    "if a beggar can study amongs the prince, then a thief can become a king."

    the prince glare at him, but he just turn away with a grin on his face.

    "Felin De Bereaux the thief of Bafamos, right?"

    someone call him again, its an old man with a really long silver hair his age is clear on his face with all the wrinkles on it but he is diffirent from othe old man, his smile are heart-warming and his blue eyes is kind and friendly and give a light of wisdom out of it, he must be Lemothy the great.

    "N-nice to meet you, sir." Felin spoke to the wise man in front of him and look around the room to see anothe two old mans and some other peoples in the room. they must be the professor, Felin thought.

    "firstly, you go sit there we will begin the test." an old man with a long goatee* in a brown robe talk to him and point to the middle of the room.

    "that must be the four tresure of Edinburg, right?" Felin ask before thinking and regret what he just said

    "oh so you know them, Felin" Lemothy speak to him with a cheerful tone, his eyes stare at Felin's eyes like he know some thing. Felin swallow his saliva and walk to the chair.

    he jump up as soon as he sat on the chair because felt somthing odd his body start to heat up unnaturally and the four tresures start to glow brightly at the same time.

    "the damned device!" he whispered to him self and turn to give a weak smile to Lemothy, dont dare to look at other professor in the room.

    "C-can i try again? im just a bit err… startled."

    "i warn you, dont try anything funny." the same man with a goatee talk to him.

    "let him try again, Be-Trus*" Lemothy spoke while laughting softly.

    Felin exhale and sit down again this time all of the four tresures is glowing too, he move slightly to the sword that is nearest to him, a second later the light from the staff fade out the crown follow suite and then the ring. leave only the light from the sword that fill the entire room a brightest he ever see in his life, bright but not hurt his eyes, bright but very mild like moon light. its very beautiful that he cant take his eyes off of it.

    "that is enough, Felin" Lemothy clap his hand once to draw Felin's attention off the light his face have friendly smile on it.

    Felin's heart beating pretty fast as he stood up not sure that did he even pass the test because the damn thing is just glowing at the same time and then black out one by one. did the device even help at all?

    "please follow me this way." a short lady with a friendly smile guide him by the shoulder into the next room.


    that is what his first thought is.

    got found out while cheating.

    the second thought made him even more nervous.

    the door is closed the lady in blue dress turn toward him. and spoke.

    "you can sit here you can call me Miss Ramsle, we will start the interview now."

    "the interview? didn't i just failed?" another word he should not speak came out of his mouth a drop of sweat flow out od his forehead when the lady laughted slightly.

    "failed? why do you think you are failed?"
    the first answer for the question that came to his mind is: i dig my own grave.

    "well, let's start then. there is four items: a crown, a ring, a sword and a staff."
    Felin start to smile as he recall the content of the book his dad gave him.

    "if you are a king what will you wear or hold onto first?"
    Felin's smile vanished he should know….. how the hell can it go as that book say?

    wear what? hold what? damnit!

    "ring." Felin finally answer when he saw Miss Ramsle face he start to explain. "when you dressing up you put on a ring then a crown sheath your sword and grab your staff. so i would wear a ring first."

    Ms. Ramsle jot the answer in a note book while Felin quietly sigh

    "second question: if you were a king what will be your symbol?"

    "sword" Felin answer and start to explaining "the sword's sturdiness mean that your are strong and sturdy, the sharpness of a sword show the sharpness of your mind these are what the king have to had."

    the grin on Ms. Ramsle is wider now but Felin's smile are getting smaller as time pass.

    "thirs question: if you got to give one thing to your citizens what will it be?"

    as he hear that question he think of something funny and pretty daring before he answer "the crown."

    Ms. Ramsle seem to be really interest in this answer so Felin quickly explain.

    "everyone want to be a king, from prince to beggar come here to study. so if i give them a crown the problem will be solved."

    Ms. Ramsle laughting lightly as the answer.

    "Okay, the last question out of the four thing if you have to abandon them what will you thrown away the last?"

    "if i have to choose……. i will thrown away the most useless thing first that is the crown, next is the ring at least you can use sword to protect you self but i will thrown away my staff the last."

    "why the staff?"

    "staff is like a walking stick. the old have to use it, the injured have to use it if you cant walk you can use the staff to support your self, then how can i thrown away my crutch first?"

    Ms. Ramsle smile brightly at Felin's answer and then hand him an envelop from a work table not far from him.

    "congratulation!, you pass the test."

    "pass!?" how can it be he just randomly answer some thing that's all.

    "yes you are passed, now sign your name here and go through that door youe father should wait you there."

    he stare at the envelop Ms. Ramsle gave him its purple in color with two golden letters "EK" on it.

    "here this is the detail on what you have to prepare for school you can find these in the town. come back here next week to get start on your school life."

    Chapter 3! *applause*

    thank you guys for reading so far this one is finished faster than i expected
    so here ya go! :D

    *Be-Trus: his name is not on the official data base and this the only time he appear so dont mind him much.
    and the name of prince Kalo Wanebli read like this (car-lo-war-nay-blee)

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  1. Spinnerweb
    You're good at translation.
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      thank :D im not that good tho. still much to learn!
  2. paceygym
    Good Job again! :D Be careful with the typos though :3
    1. Earth2543
      Blogger's Response
      im usually re read it once but something tend to slip pass my eyes that is whyni said to point out any typos you found :D

      oh and next chapter might be a bit slow i have homework to finish :/
  3. SmashChamp