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TToB: the crown of the heart chapter 4

shopping before the term start!

  1. Earth2543
    its finally out sorry for the wait guys ;)
    previous chapter: http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/ttob-the-crown-of-the-heart-chapter-3.515/

    Chapter 4: Shopping


    somone call to him. the boys moving in his bed and lift his blanket to cover his ears. sunshine penetrate the room's darkness through the window.

    "Felin!" this time a shout lounder than before.

    "Uuu, gimme a minute, dad."


    with the last shout his dad splash a bucket full of cold water at him. Felin sprang up from his bed wild awake. he wipe the water out of his face while his dad speak.

    "your school start tomorrow we are gonna go buy your thing today."

    with a weak laugh Felin get up and put on his cloth. since the school start tomorrow this is the last day to buy everything that the school require.

    when he is dressed up he look through the list and read it out lound
    "a set of uniform, a horse, a sword, a staff*, a king's wallet* and some text book. do you have enough money?"

    "we have enough, dont worry."

    "how much money do you have?"

    "12 Crown."

    "12!? will that be enough?"

    "i said its enough."

    "what about the horse?"

    "HAH! a horse you say? a horse is a horse you just gotta take our old Rosy with you."

    "Rosy? that old horse?"

    "dont underestimate it, Felin. it has been through a lot of battlefield. it have way more expirience than you do. you're lucky that you have a chance to ride it."

    Felin is speechless that old horse that pulling his wagon every day how can it has goes to any battlefield before?

    "what about uniforms?"

    "im already prepared it im waiting for you lazy *** to get up."

    this is the first time he visit the town of Edinburg. the town is not so far from the school. the buildings and stores are decorrated with flags of diffirent countries. he look around and see a lot of fancy store like a book store a staff shop or even a pet shop with a dragon at the front.

    after sometime of walking pass several more shop. at his left there is a tailor shop with a lot of luxury clothes each look really expensive he kept stare at them for sometime when his dad talk to him.

    "what are you looking at? do you think im gonna buy those things for you?"

    " cant i look around? im didn't tell that i want it anyway.

    "you dont have to tell me i know that you want it follow me."

    he lead Felin into a back alley as he walk through the narrow path way full of rats to a wooden door at the far back.

    with out knocking Madus push the door open. inside is a dirty room with a dim candlelight and an old man with a crooked nose.

    "come in, come in." the man invite them into the room.

    "is this really the place?" Felin ask with uncertainty.

    he look around the room. the dim light illuminate across the room. there is a small work table at the center of the room. things lying around in a mess there is two mannequins, dirty clothes hang there and there.

    "will we really get my new uniform here?" Felin ask his dad in whispered voice.

    the old man turn to stare at him viciously. --did every person that have eyesight problem always have good ears?

    "who said we gonna get a new one?"

    "then what are we here for?"

    "we are here to get some second handed used uniforms, didn't you see the sign?"

    Felin open and closed his mouth like he want to speak something but gave up, he should already know this gonna happens.

    "you're so slow lot of peoples are here yesterday there is not much left. "

    "there is another poor people in Edinburg, huh?" Felin mumble to himself as look for a fitting clothes.

    "you don't know anything, kid. everyone can study at Edinburg if they graduate if they didn't become a knight or merchant they can get a civil servants job with good pay, who want to be poor all theirs life?"

    after got the unexpected reply Felin shut his mouth tight and continue to look for clothes. most of them are in bad shape if not too big its too small. there is a rat's bite mark here and there. some are full of patches.

    "why are you taking so long? grab something and be done with it."

    knowing that arguing is no use he choose the one with a black stain on the sleeve. the one that have a patch on the back and the one with a torned collar.

    "2 crown." Madus payed without any haggle and walked out of the room. out in the main street once more they head towards an old books store.

    "give me your books list."

    Felin hand it to his dad, and his dad hand it to the shopkeeper.

    "Hmm.." shopkeeper with a round glasses stare at the list. "a first year's set, the whole set cost 3 and a half crown. pay me 2 crown in advance and you can come here to get you books in an hour."

    after get out off the books store. they go to a big department store that sell everything from tea set to different kind of wand*.

    walking trough the crowd. Felin walk towards a wand display while Madus go to buy other things. at the display there is two woman and a man qho look around some wand are too big and some are too small, its look like the one with fitting size are very expensive. the most expensive one cost 2,800 crown.

    next to him a sale man in a mage robe advertising the 2,800 crown wand with a smile.
    "this Iceburn* the great is made from 2,000 years golden gate wood its potential is equal to high king's wand it can… blah blah……… the tassel is made from unicorn's tail hair….. blah blah blah."

    Felin turn away from the sale man because he saw a strange light flashed next to him. there is a boy with a tea colored hair holding a mahogany wand, it shining a bright silver light. as if he sense someone stared at him he turn toward Felin. a boy with bob haircut look at his eyes his face have a friendly smile but his sharp green eyes gave a feeling of mystery, smart and shrewd like a fox.

    "hey kid, don't play around." the salesman speak to the boy because the light from his wand distracted his customer's attention.

    "why is it glowing?" a little girl in the crowd ask the sale man.

    "Err… that is because…." the salesman hesitate to answer.

    "because the wand can feel the power of it holder." a young lady with an air of a queen walk into the store, simultaneously all of the wands in the store starting to glow a bright golden light.

    Felin giggle a bit his eyes shine with laughter.

    "I buy that Iceburn the great, pack it for me."

    "what will a girl do with a king's wand?" again Felin spoke what he should not.

    "even woman can be a king, only thoes caveman are not aware of this fact."

    she spoke with a sound full of self importance. It made him more amusing than angry. this world are full of prideful peoples next from prince Kalo are this girl. its really help him learn a lot he wonder that if he and his dad really manage to kidnapped them will they able to handle these peoples?

    suddenly all the light that illuminate from the wand are disappeared. its made everyone in this store turn to look at the entrance.

    speak of the evil, the man he just thought of step inside Kalo Wanebli the prince. follow with another three mans, the first one have an air of pride and self importance, the second one have a sly smile on his face, the third one, however, have a friendly smile and seem to be the most friendly person in the group.

    follow the previous group is a group of three girl, first one have a tan body her body firm and fitting show of her strength like a warrior. second one behave like a princess her walk like those of the noble girl would. last one with white skin with a petite body and is the most beautiful one worth for protecting.

    everyone stare at the new coming groups. but Felin only exchange a glance at
    Kalo before turn back at the wand before him with a smile.

    "Well, the light is gone but what about this gloomy shadow?"

    "the wand are respond to someone's dark power, Felin the thief."

    Felin stop his hand that about to touch a wand in front of him and turn to look at the boy that call his name correctly.


    "Me? I'm Ro Zevares the beggar of Tristor.

    "Ahh! so you're passed!" Felin speak with excitement. his face are more friendlier toward the boy now.

    "are you really a beggar? you sure not look like one."

    Ro laughing from the word and reply with a grin.

    "you didn't look like a thief either. "

    "FELIN!" Madus's shouting voice rang across the store. after hear that he say goodbye to Ro and walk to ward the place where the sound came from.

    "here take them its your wand and wallet, the damn wallet is darn expensive even the cheapest cost 10 crown."

    but Felin is more interest in his wand that his dad gave him. he pull the wand out of the bag and in that instant the wand shine a really bright light enough for a whole store to turn toward him.

    "Woah!" Felin shout in excitement.

    "what is so exciting? " Madus ask in annoyed voice.

    "don't you know that a wand is respond to its owner? it show that i have a massive amount of magic power you know."

    the crowd start to talk to each other in amazement of his brilliant power.

    but all Madus do is shaking his head and whispered some thing into his ear.
    Felin's eyes are widened with shock after he hear it.

    "you don't mean that this…. this is ……" but Madus covered his mouth before he can utter a word and drag him outside.

    "do you plan to tell the whole world that its a fake!?"

    "but…" all he can do is sigh.

    because the wand and his power are all just fake like that damned device his dad gave him before the test.

    "it should be cheaper than this. its just a normal pine wood and the tassel is just a normal thread, oh and don't rub it too much the paint will come off."

    after here that he quickly let his hand go of the wand, sure enough a small amount of paint are stuck at his hand.

    "oh and don't forget to change the battery, im already brought you some spares it should last for a month. our plan id likely to be finished in one month there seem to be a lot of interesting princes this time. and tomorrow is the day you get assign to a dorm. try to get in the noble's castle if possible since that should be the place a princes or princesses would go. the wise men's tower usually filled with nerds, and the citizen's land were mostly normal peoples. but no matter what, you must not got your self in the knight's fortress its filled up with all sort of dangerous peoples. if you end up there you won't last a week."

    they talk while walking but Felin didn't listen he have something thing on his mind. the sword. will his dad buy him a new one? or he will give that rusty old sword in an old box in his wagon? he decide to ask his dad.

    "hey dad, what about a sword?"

    "just buy a cheap one, damn this is exeed the budgets."

    "why not you give me thag rusty thing in your box?"

    "you're not worthy of it yet, Felin."

    as they speak Madus lead him in a sword store. the displayed sword at the front is a great sword with a red gem at the hilt, the blade arw reflecting sun light, it's a great sword, with a great price it can made some poor people jump at the sight of it price alone.

    look through a row of display full of good sword with a history of it's own. to a bunch of cheap swords lumped together knowing this is the best he can get.

    just when he about to reach out his hand to grab a sword. a strange sensation hit him, its like his blood are boiling a strange sound ring in his ears, one of the sword give a unnatural glow like it called him. he pull the sword out of the box.

    "Earth Splitter, one of the nine greatest legendary sword. but it hold the most dangerous and terrible curse."

    the shopkeeper explain to him with a friendly smile. Felin smile back and look at the sword.

    "cursed? how?" Felin ask with curiosity.

    "Earth Splitter was once a weapon of the demon king Evides it was used to divide the land of Eden and Demos but after a war with one of the high king 50,000 years ago the blade got chipped so Evides thrown away the sword, but his dark power is still in it. in the past this sword have 998 owner and all of them normally became a tyrant, a dark wizard or a killer but all of them met the same end….. die by they own sword."

    Felin examine the blade there is really a chipped mark. "hmm.. thrown away a sword because of a chip, Evides sure don't know the value of things, huh." he swing the heavy but strangely perfectly fit to his hand sword around. his eyes shine with interest.

    "good sword but it's really dangerous. believe me you're better off with another sword." Mr. shopkeeper speak witn honest and caring tone, but Felin just smile.

    "thank, but no thank I'll choose this one. from the moment i born i never have anything that can be called great thing. this one will be the first, and maybe the last I'll ever have."

    he trace his fingers along the blade.

    "you know, you're too noisy. it's not such a pleasant meeting, huh, Earth Splitter?


    it really take some time 2,000 words sure is long huh? my homework finally gone my burden is lifted next chapter will be quicker i promise :)

    wand: i previously call it staff but wand suit it better dont you think? its must not be confused with wand from harry potter, though

    king's wallet: it's one of the things you use for study in Edinburg apparently they will use it in financial management subject.

    hope you enjoy!

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