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What would a Game & Watch commercial look like?

Have you ever wondered?

  1. MasterofBasics
    Hello Guys! Ender here with my 3rd blog post! Thanks for all the support on my last 2! :D This is about what people have been wondering for SO long! What would a Game & Watch commercial look like? Let's begin!
    Narrator: Are you kids bored? Kids: Yup... Narrator: Do you want to game?
    Kids: Yea! Narrator: Good! And do you want to watch videos? Kids: Of course I do! Narrator: Then the Game & Watch is perfect for you! *Throws two Game & Watch's to the kids* Now have some fun!
    Women: The Game & Watch is a must-have for players of any age!
    Only $50.00 dollars at any retailer!
    Get the Game & Watch today!
    Soooooo..... How you like my commercial? Comment if its great, or if its kinda needs fixing. Thanks for reading! And see you soon! :D

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      The beginning is so wierd!! BTW i saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown and i think some other girl, i forgot her name, but they had tennis rackets in their hands.
  2. SmashChamp
    That's a pretty old system, good commercial though, kinda pricey >.>
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      The idea has been floating around since December 2014 when I wasn't a pedian. So when I joined, i had a urge to do it, but i didn't have time and the urge was weak. But today I had a VERY strong urge that forced me to do it. So that's the story of how it was made!