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Why I hate Advanced Level Math (Geometry +)

Math Rant

  1. rawrrie

    See the graph above? The highest used math are the simplest ones.
    Look at the advanced math section. No one uses that.

    I hate Algebra 2. Can they save Geometry + classes as prerequisites for engineering or something? I don't want to mentally torture my brain doing something I know I can't. Here's why it's useless.

    - I'm not going to be an engineer, scientist, or computer tech.
    -I'm REALLY slow. It takes me approx 7 min to finish 1 problem.
    - Teachers assign 40 problems a day. You know what that means?
    I'll probably get a little faster so lets subtract 20 from there.
    260 minutes = 4.3 hrs
    4 hours? Doing homework! What fun.
    -This is teaching me how to be logical? What if I'm not born logical. I feel like the right side of my brain is more dominant. I'm a more artsy person, and logic will help me in the future, but there are other ways to incorporate that.
    -Logic could be incorporated by having a class that helps you with real life teaching us how to pay bills/ and or how mortgage/ loans work. (I don't know how it works? )
    -We use calculators. If we are going to be reliant on technology to solve step by step problems, why not just google an equation solver and get it done.
    -Imaginary numbers are Imaginary. The world is REAL.
    i^2 =-1
    what person invented that? I can do it to.Here's my imaginary number. j^2 is -2. Let's do a whole lesson on this fake number now.
    Wait... why is there even imaginary numbers? Math is supposed to be logical. So some idiot decided to make an IMAGINARY number. way to be logical.
    -We learn useless stuff like how to convert a complicated equation to the answer and vice versa.

    I mean, if you're gonna be a mathematician it's fine. But don't force me to do something I can't.

Recent Comments

  1. Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange
    Hey! Ranting is MY sthick! But you make a valid point, so this is really good
  2. PigMayor
    This is great research, I totally agree with you why do they give us stuff we can't/don't want to do? People always say to follow our dreams, and sometimes that doesn't involve math.
  3. codyplays
    totally agree math is my worst subject, im really slow at working problems. my teacher wont admit it but im sure she gets pretty annoyed when I ask her how to do something that we have been doing for the past week.Also yes imaginary numbers
  4. OopaMazo
    Math stimulates the brain... which is the main reason why I enjoy it. Who cares if it's barely used in the real world, it's good to know lol.
  5. Megalegacy98
    The square root of -1 is an imaginary number right?
  6. Artisan
    The person that came up with imaginary numbers must've been a genius. He also forced you to know how they work. i^3 = -i but i^3 looks better as an emoticon imo. pretend it works and be glad it wastes your time
  7. spagooti
    Omg no. No school don't you dare do this to me!
  8. 3dsatackman
    I hear you man but you do have to learn it sometime in life you may need a bit of the higher stuff ;)
  9. SmashChamp
    Imaginary Numbers lol