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    Get 3DS/Wii U/Switch eShop Credit

    Members of the community can earn or win Nintendo 3DS/WiiU/Switch eShop credit. This is available to North American and European region 3DS and Wii U owners (Switch is region free). Earn Play Coins by posting in the forum and exchange them for eShop credit. It's that easy.
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Signing up for an account lets you communicate with other Nintendo gamers from around the world. Play games, ask questions, have fun and earn eShop credit along the way.

List of eShop Credit (Canada / North America)

Exchange Play Coins that you earned from posting here for Canada (North America) region eShop credit.

This web page is for people who own a Canada (North America) region Nintendo 3DS/WiiU/Switch. Canadian currency eShop credit will not work in the US eShop. If you have the required amount of Play Coins under your account at Ninten Pedia and you wish to request eShop credit, please send a personal conversation to Marc.

Scroll down to view a list of eShop credit that are available to members.


$20 eShop Card

  • The Regular
  • 3,845 Play Coins
  • Code sent via private message
  • Only works in Canada eShop

$50 eShop Card

  • The Unpopular
  • 9,799 Play Coins
  • Code sent via private message
  • 200 Play Coins discount

3DS Game Download Code

  • The "Hey, get me" one
  • 6,800 Play Coins
  • Code sent via private message
  • Works in North America eShop

Last updated: February 1st, 2015. eShop cards/codes are purchased after receiving an order.