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How To Report Weird Posts at Ninten Pedia

If you encounter someone making weird posts in the forum for the sole purpose of making Play Coins (our forum's currency), you can report them by following the instructions on this page. Staff members will review your report and make the final decision on whether the member's Play Coins privilege will be revoked or not.

Please only make constructive reports.

If you find someone doing one of the following for example, please report them :

  • - Posting spam/unrelated messages or nonsense posts (posts that make no sense) to a topic.
  • - Copy/pasting messages in multiple threads to boost PC.
  • - Stealing text from other sites or other members and claiming it as their own.
  • - Padding/Filling their message with unnecessary content to get PC.
  • - If a post is just weird and/or unnatural (you'll know when you read it).

The above are just examples. If you find anyone making weird posts only to boost their Play Coins, please report it.

How To Report

Highlight the following text from the form and copy it (highlight -> right-click -> copy) :

Go to this page and paste the form in the text editor. Remember to put the username of the member who you are reporting in the title. Once you've filled out the information, send the report and we'll review it soon.

Take note that only moderators and administrators can view your report. If you keep reporting members who make weird posts and they are valid reasons, you will most likely be rewarded for keeping the discussions that take place at the forum of good quality.